BMW F 900 R 2024: All original accessories

The BMW F 900 R 2024 It has been designed to offer maximum driving enjoyment without compromising its versatility. The German roadster adapts perfectly to any driver. Without a doubt, the new BMW F 900 R represents another step in the constant evolution of the series F800. Now this bmw It consolidates itself as a versatile route capable of the best.

To maximize the versatility of this frame, we are going to explain all the original accessories and the different options that you have from the factory. Three different options that cover all basic needs depending on preferences or use. The objective is very clear: get the most out of the BMW F 900 R 2024.

When the BMW F 900 R seeks dynamism

  • Dynamic ESA. Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts damping based on driving conditions. During the ride, different shock settings can be selected, and shock preload can be adjusted with the push of a button while the bike is stopped.
  • high seat. Compared to the standard seat, the extra high seat offers an increase of 50 mm, reaching a total height of 865 mm. This allows taller riders to enjoy a comfortable knee angle, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable posture.
  • Pro driving modes. Pro riding modes offer even more precise customization of the bike to the rider's conditions and goals. In ROAD, RAIN and DYNAMIC modes, not only the throttle response is adjusted, but also the behavior of ABS Pro and DTC, as well as other systems and functions, such as Dynamic ESA, cruise control and RDC.
  • Shift Assistant Pro. Shift Assist Pro makes upshifts and downshifts easy in almost all load and speed ranges without needing to use the clutch or accelerator. This not only significantly reduces shifting times between gears, but also reduces the effort required on the clutch hand, thus improving both comfort and driving dynamics.
  • Headlight Pro. The Headlight Pro provides the headlight with a distinctive lighting element that functions as daytime running light and position light. Combined with the adaptive cornering light, it improves the driver's visibility and makes him more visible to others, thus increasing driving safety.
  • Sports design elements. Customize the F 900 R with milled design parts, such as the handles, footrests and mirrors, or add other accessories such as the engine spoiler and the tail cover for the passenger seat.

BMW F 900 R 2024

The BMW F 900 R in a versatile environment

  • Intelligent emergency call. The intelligent emergency call automatically communicates with the BMW call center in the event of an accident, activating the rescue chain immediately. This system sends the location of the vehicle and, if possible, establishes a first communication with the affected person. It can also be activated manually to assist other road users.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (RDC). The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (RDC) provides real-time information on tire pressure and alerts the driver to potential dangers in the event of pressure loss. The yellow information and red warning lights illuminate automatically to signal any significant deviation from reference values ​​while the vehicle is moving.
  • Comfort start. The keyless system is extremely convenient, allowing the rider to start the motorcycle with the push of a button. It is also possible to unlock the steering lock and fuel tank cap this way.
  • Heated grips. The electric heated grips come with multi-level adjustment. These increase comfort and provide greater safety, since with warm hands and better sensitivity in the fingers, the motorcycle can be controlled with greater precision. It is operated through a switch located on the handlebar.
  • Lever protectors. The M lever protectors are a clear expression of sportiness. The arched aluminum and plastic bar prevents the handlebar brake lever from being accidentally activated when coming into contact with other vehicles or being damaged in the event of a fall.
  • Luggage rack with 30 liter topcase. A top case or other pieces of luggage can be safely and easily attached to the cast aluminum luggage rack.

BMW F 900 R 2024

The BMW F 900 R as a travel companion

  • Center stand. The robust central stand provides stability to the motorcycle even on slopes, facilitating care and maintenance tasks, as well as the installation of panniers and topcase. It also relieves pressure on the tires and suspension during long periods of inactivity, and when parking it, it saves space when lifting it.
  • Suitcase and saddlebag support. The saddlebags attach easily and securely to the stylish pannier rack. Even when not installed, the discreet brackets are barely noticeable.
  • Comfort seat. The additional padding of the comfort seat provides significantly more comfort, allowing tall drivers to enjoy many more kilometers without problems. This seat is higher compared to the standard one, making it easier to complete long days of travel calmly and without fatigue.
  • Windshield (high). The anti-scratch windshield, taller and wider than the standard model, offers superior wind and weather protection, providing greater overall comfort. Especially on highway trips, this high windshield reduces pressure on the driver's torso, allowing more km to be covered with less fatigue.
  • Preparation for navigation device. The preparation for the navigation device with holder and Mount Cradle on the handlebar allows the BMW navigation device to be installed in the driver's field of vision. The navigation system and connectivity functions can be conveniently operated via the handlebar multi-controller.
  • Cruise control. The electronic cruise speed control is activated from 30 km/h, maintaining a constant speed. This is especially useful for long motorway journeys. The function is deactivated when braking and, by pressing the Resume button, it returns to the previously selected speed.

BMW F 900 R 2024

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