Motocompo as a trunk generator in a future electric car

It is very likely that we will be able to see a Honda Motocompo new generation, gasoline-powered, as a range extender in a future electric car Sling. Mind you, this is an idea that is more than four decades old. Now, the engineers at the Japanese factory have reinterpreted this concept, bringing it up to date. In other words, the idea is to integrate the small folding scooter into the trunk and use its engine as a generator.

A new patent suggests how the classic Motocompo from the 80s, could be reinvented as a modern motorcycle designed to be transported in the trunk of cars Sling.

Let us remember. The Motocompo The original 80s model was created as an ideal solution for commuting to work. The idea was to drive the car to the outskirts of the city and then use the “motorcycle” for the final leg of the journey. Although it was not a great commercial success at the time, it has become an epic icon over the years.

This folding motorcycle was designed to fit in the trunk of a car, specifically the Honda Cityand serve as transport for “last kilometer« However, in practice, few adopted this solution.

Over the years, Sling has presented several concepts inspired by the Motocompousually with an electric motor. However, now, and as we are telling you, a new patent reveals that the golden wing brand is planning a new version of the Motocompobut this time with a gasoline engine, similar to the original, and with an important novelty. The company wants the future Motocompo It also works as a range extender for an electric car.

Honda Motocompo

Motocompo as a range extender

Range extenders are a technology that uses combustion engines and small gasoline tanks as generators to charge electric vehicles on the move, allowing them to travel longer distances without the need for larger batteries.

Sling plans to incorporate the engine and gas tank into a foldable motorcycle that can be stored in the back of an electric car, creating a versatile vehicle package that can be used as a motorcycle, an electric car or a range-extending hybrid.

Honda Motocompo

The patent illustrations of Sling They clearly recognize the antiquity of the idea, showing the Motocompo original and the back of a Honda City from the 80s, to illustrate how the motorcycle can be folded and stored in the car. If Sling decides to go ahead with this idea, both the car and the motorcycle will be redesigned, obviously.

In addition, the patent for Sling adds two key elements: a cooling system to keep the bike running while it is stored and a ventilation system to evacuate the car’s exhaust gases.

This patent shows that Sling continues to explore the integration of cars and motorcycles to maximise their combined potential. If it materialises, although it will require several years of development, it demonstrates the brand’s continued interest in these innovative mobility solutions.

Honda Motocompo

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