“Never without a helmet”, chef Gordon Ramsay’s rule of life after suffering a serious accident

The internationally renowned chef, Gordon Ramsaysuffered an accident while riding a bicycle during the Father’s Day weekend, remember that in the United Kingdom that day was June 16, not March 19 as in Spain. Ramsay He showed the injury to his abdomen, and assured that he survived thanks to wearing a helmet, urging other parents to do the same to protect their lives. Of course, all of his loved ones were grateful.

That’s right, in a moving lesson in safety, the cyclist, chef and TV presenter, Gordon Ramsay, became a true example calling for caution on the road. Of course, solidarity soon manifested globally, consolidating this lesson. A vital learning experience for him and, of course, his son and his closest loved ones.

Maximum solidarity with Gordon Ramsay’s idea

Of course, this fact has spread like wildfire on the English-speaking networks. Everyone has expressed solidarity with Gordon and his message. It is clear, “never without my helmet”. Furthermore, that is our unwavering policy, even if it is riding a motorcycle, bicycle or snowboarding.

Ramsayafter her alarming accident in Connecticut, shared the video we are talking about. Without going into too many details of the accident, she showed before and after images of her equipment. At the end of the video, she lifted her blouse to reveal an impressive bruise that covered almost the entire left side of her torso, so large and dramatic that it looked like makeup. But of course, it was real and truly shocking.

Gordon Ramsay accident

The chef thanked his helmet for protecting him from even more serious consequences. The condition of his helmet after the incident showed significant damage, a sign that his injuries could have been much worse. As it could not be otherwise, good wishes soon began to flow from all corners of the planet.

After a while, OscarRamsay’s son, answered him and seemed to have clearly grasped his father’s teaching. He said: “Get out, ride, have fun! But please do it with caution. We appreciate you and are glad you are here, we want to see you safe and smiling for a long, long time. Peace”.

Gordon Ramsay accident

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