Warner Bros (yes, the Bugs Bunny guys) could buy the Superbike World Championship

After Liberty Media took over the majority of Dorna, it seems that the American giant does not seem interested in derivative motorcycle racing. That is why since they bought the shares, the rumor that the WSBK could change hands has been gaining weight. These rumors have been increasing in the paddock according to Moto.it, and the possible buyer has a well-known name: Warner Bros.

Although it would not be the production company as such, but one of its European subsidiaries that is dedicated to sport, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe. It may sound a little strange, but currently the company is already the promoter of the FIM Endurance World Championship, so it is not a crazy plan.

In fact, the synergies between both championships could be much greater than those we currently see if the two, which share the fact that they compete with bikes derived from the series, were to unite their management under one roof.

This does not mean, by any means, that we are thinking of a direct link between both championships or that they would share a track. But it does mean that it would be easier to jump between one and the other and, who knows, perhaps a regulation that would make it easier for teams to participate in both with bikes that would hardly require any modifications.

If Warner wins the championship, WSBK could be a winner in the long run

But these are speculations, and it will not be possible if Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe does not finally acquire the rights to the championship. What is clear is that if WSBK leaves Dorna’s umbrella, things will change considerably compared to what we have now. It would go from being the second most important championship for the Spanish company to being the most important one managed by Warner’s European subsidiary.

The two most important series-derived motorcycle championships could be under the same roof

In any case, what we have to do is wait to see the next movements. What does seem certain is that sooner or later the WSBK and MotoGP will be separated again and although it may not seem like it, perhaps it is very good news especially for the championship derived from production motorcycles that, although it has won a lot and has been a “pig of Indians” for MotoGP, has been overshadowed on many occasions.

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