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One of the most difficult parts of buying a car is understanding what they are offering us. Commercials use a series of names that not everyone knows and many questions may arise: What is “km 0”? How is it possible that a car with 0 kilometers is sold to me as “used”? Is it worth buying a new one?…

If some time ago we analyzed whether you were more interested in buying a new or used car, now we will analyze in depth the most common classifications that you can find in the sale of vehicles.

new cars

It is a car that has never been used, by anyone. If you have some kilometers done, they are those necessary for transportation and preparation (normally less than 100 km). You buy it from official dealers and, of course, it is not registered.

Within new cars we can differentiate three groups:

new cars

It is the car that It is manufactured once the order is placed, with the configuration that the client wants. Is the most personalized of all, since you start from the base equipment of the chosen version and choose the optional ones according to what you like, the need or the available budget. The main drawback of this type of car is that delivery usually takes longer than any other.

Cars in stock

They are cars new but already manufactured. They are not registered. These cars are found in the field of the dealer or brand in question, since sellers place orders for the most in-demand cars in order to deliver them sooner.

Many sellers offer you camping cars with equipment similar to what you want, so you can choose between having the car sooner or having it take longer and bring everything you want. Stock cars often have special discounts, especially when a new model is being launched. That is, you can have the car you want cheaper and in less time.

0 km cars

It's a new car, but registered. Normally dealers carry out this type of registration for various reasons, for example the objectives imposed by the brands. Therefore, the car has not been used, but when selling it, the owner's name is changed, something very important to take into account if we know that we will sell it after a while, since the residual value is lower.

The warranty for a 0 km car is the same as for a new vehicle, counting from the first registration. Like stock cars, it usually has special discounts. These vehicles are among used vehicles.

Used cars / occasion cars

Used cars are cars that have already been in circulation, whether owned by professionals or individuals. One thing to keep in mind for self-employed people and entrepreneurs: always ask about the previous owner, since if it is a professional you can deduct VAT according to the criteria of the Tax Agency.

In this case we can also distinguish three types of used cars:

Management or courtesy car

They are usually cars dealer property or the brand, are used for testing and to promote them, either at events or lending them to workers so they can use them in their work tasks.

They are practically new cars, they are usually not older than a year, they are very well equipped and there are quite interesting discounts. The dealer in this case also offers us a guarantee, similar to that of new vehicles.

preowned car

They are cars with a little older than the previous ones, but they do not usually exceed two years or 25,000 km. They normally come from fleets and rental companies. They also tend to be very well equipped and with great discounts.

We advise you to always ask who the car previously belonged to, to get an idea of ​​how it was used, since, in the case of rental companies, it may have passed through many hands. It can be interesting because the dealer also offers you a warranty.

Second hand car

Second-hand cars have been used in normal conditions and their mileage and price can vary greatly between them. These cars do not usually offer brand guarantees.

Now that you know the main differences, good luck searching for your vehicle!

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