Petrucci sponsors these epic Ducati limited editions with which Dotto Creations fuses modernity and classicism

Of the synergy between the versatile pilot Danilo Petrucci and Dotto Creationstwo epic and innovative motorcycles have been born: the exclusive Handyman and Noveunosei. Machines that are based on Ducatiare produced in a limited series and are customized for each client, representing Italian luxury at its finest.

Danilo Petrucci It is a name familiar to all of us. Above all, due to its participation in various sports specialties on two wheels, from asphalt tracks to dirt roads, including Mugello and the challenging Paris-Dakar.

Thus, the experience of the Terni pilot was shared with Francesco Iannuzzi and Gianluca Bartolinico-founders of Dotto Creationswho channeled their creativity to develop two completely different motorcycles, but with a common denominator: The Handyman and Noveunosei. Motorcycles with base Ducatia unique design and innovative devices that make them as versatile as they are spectacular.

The first motorcycle, called Dotto Creations Handymanis what in the past would have been called an all-terrain vehicle. Petrucci He dreamed of a motorcycle that he could use daily, but that would also allow him to venture off-road, and Dotto materialized this dream based on the Ducati DesertX.

Dotto Creations

The Handyman It presents a unique design and a unique and practical innovation. In fact, a mechanism on the handlebar allows the rider to choose between a lower riding position, ideal for fast roads, or a more upright position, perfect for off-road.

Of course, and as we mentioned at the beginning, this motorcycle will be produced in a limited edition of 10 units, each one personalized according to the customer's preferences in terms of colors, materials and accessories.

Dotto Creations

Features Dotto Creations Handyman

  • Body: superlight fairing made of high-performance polymers and/or carbon.
  • Handlebar: New patented dual-position handlebar.
  • Luminous groups: headlight, taillights and turn signals.
  • Other parts designed by Dotto C: exhausts, seat, tank, engine guard, crankcase guard, front fender, rear fender and grips.

Dotto Creations

The second creation of Dotto is the Noveunosei. Totally opposite to its companion, the ambition of this exclusive motorcycle is born from a Panigale V4to merge it with the aesthetic characteristics of the legendary 916. The first motorcycle used on the track by Danilo Petrucci.

There is also no shortage of innovations in this creation such as the exhausts that return under the seat or the epic headlights. Ducati 916 transformed into air intakes, to channel the air flow towards the engine, thus taking advantage of the point of greatest aerodynamic pressure.

Dotto Creations

Features Dotto Creations Novunosei

  • Body: superlight fairing made of high-performance polymers and/or carbon.
  • Lighting units: headlight, taillights and turn signals
  • Other parts designed by Dotto c: exhausts, seat, tank, front fender, rear fender, grips and more.

As in the case of its companion, only 16 will be assembled Noveunosei. Of course, each motorcycle will also be customized according to the customer's requests. A great detail from this Italian two-wheeled craftsman.

As for price and availability, they will obviously have a lot of zeros and, for now, the firm only accepts reservations.

Dotto Creations

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