BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

“A constant evolution.” This may be the phrase that summarizes the arrival of the new BMW F 900 R, after several generations of models where the German twin-cylinder would become its main element. All of them developed under a similar technical and philosophical criterion, although with different personalities and driving styles.

BMW F 900 R 2024, the last in a long line

We should go back in time to 2006, when the Bavarian firm presented the new BMW F 800 S and the BMW F 800 ST. These were the models in charge of laying the foundation where this building currently stands. BMW F 900 R. With them, an attempt was made to bring the possibilities of a comfortable, touring and performance-worthy motorcycle to a large part of the public.

The differences between both versions focused on the driving position and some equipment details. While the F 800 S was looking for a little more of a sporty touch, the ST version was clearly inclined towards touring driving. In both we found the aforementioned 800 cc inline twin engine that offered 85 HP of power at 8,000 rpm and 86 Nm of maximum torque at 5,800 rpm.

In addition, all the leading electronic systems of the time were implemented, such as a dual-channel ABS system, and the arrival of a single-sided swingarm stood out along with a toothed belt kit for the transmission. In short, a true sport-touring car that would remain on the market until the arrival of the BMW F 800 GT in 2012.

With the arrival of the latter, BMW Motorrad put all its efforts towards a marked road-going approach. The power was increased to 90 HP and a series of improvements were also included both in terms of equipment and technology. Among these we should highlight the arrival of:

  • Newly designed fairing, more dynamic and better protection against wind and rain. New colors.
  • Latest generation ABS, included as standard.
  • ASC automatic stability control system.
  • Optimized chassis, for greater dynamic stability and comfort.
  • New lighter wheels, with a dynamic design.
  • Perfected ergonomics, to improve the touring qualities of the motorcycle, with higher handlebars and new positioning of the footpegs.
  • New tapered aluminum handlebar, decoupled from the chassis to reduce vibrations.
  • Payload of 207 kilograms (+11 kg).
  • New exhaust system, with optimized heel protector.
  • Smoke gray flashing lights, etc.

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

The brand kept the F 800 GT variant in its offer until 2020. However, throughout this evolutionary journey, BMW also chose to develop a naked version aimed at those looking for other types of sensations at the controls, as well as a more versatile motorcycle, the F 800 R

BMW F 800 R: the origin of the current BMW F 900 R

It would be in the 2009 season when the brand would definitively launch its new F 800 R on the market. Broadly speaking, we were faced with a medium-displacement naked derived directly from the F 800 S/ST. However, the German firm chooses, from the first moment, to make some structural modifications that would mark the subsequent evolution of the model.

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

Firstly, it eliminates the single-sided swingarm, to finish by anchoring a conventional double-sided type. On the other hand, it replaces the toothed belt with a more traditional chain. In the words of the brand itself, after its presentation at EICMA 2008:

“It is a Roadster, a naked aimed at the middle segment, with a sporty character and designed for very dynamic driving for maximum enjoyment.” The German twin now declared 87 HP at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 86 Nm at 6,000 revolutions in this initial version.

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

Subsequently, continuous improvement reviews were made in the 2014, 2015 and 2017 seasons, keeping the model updated in practical terms, but also at a regulatory level with the different adaptations to Euro 3 and Euro 4. In 2015, in addition, the iconic asymmetrical headlight, giving way to an inverted triangular headlight, and an inverted fork derived from the S 1000 RR is incorporated.

Year 2019: The BMW F 900 R is born

We are in the 2019 season and we are witnessing the arrival of the BMW F 900 R, which the German brand defines as follows: “With the F 900 R, BMW Motorrad has created a much more robust successor to the F 800 R. The new Dynamic Roadster is precise, intuitive and dynamic and offers pure driving pleasure at all times.”

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

Without a doubt, the greatest evolution of the model comes from two essential sections: Engine and electronics. The first grows up to 895cc, offering 105 HP at 8,500 rpm and 92 Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 revolutions. But since power without control is of no use, the brand feels in its new BMW F 900 R the technological bases necessary to be able to take full advantage of its benefits

Among the main electronic elements we find: Connectivity and LED lights as standard throughout the vehicle, and its wide range of optional equipment available, partly unique (among others, adaptive cornering light, Keyless Ride, Dynamic ESA, driving modes Pro, Shift Assistant Pro, Intelligent Emergency Call, ABS Pro, MSR, DTC, DBC and RDC.

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

BMW F 900 R 2024: One step further towards versatility

And we arrive at the latest evolution of this varied saga of models with this 2024 BMW F 900 R, a motorcycle that is presented as the strange case of the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, basically because we can enjoy different approaches to use, depending on the needs and the moment.

This BMW F 900 R It also serves both new users and experienced drivers thanks to its high level of technological equipment that comes as standard. In addition, the brand offers us a host of optional extras with which to improve its road conditions, further reinforcing its versatile aspect.

BMW F 900 R: In constant evolution

Among the highlights of this BMW F 900 R we can mention:

  • 6.5-inch TFT color display with BMW Motorrad Connectivity
  • LED headlights and indicators
  • Driving mode to choose between Rain/Road
  • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control)
  • Shift Assistant Pro
  • Adaptive cornering light
  • ABS Pro, DBC and MSR systems, etc.

As we can see, the BMW F 900 R maintains the dynamic capabilities of its predecessors unchanged, but adding a technological plus never seen before in the model. All this for a final price of 9,750 eurospositioning it as one of the most versatile equipped options in the category.

More information on the brand's official website.

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