Say hello to the new 902S from Benelli, and its 105 HP or top-notch equipment

It's been six years since Benelli unveiled its current 752S and now, with the official presentation of the new 902S, it is not very clear if the latter comes to replace the first or as a complement to the Italian firm's range. In any case, it is already a reality and has been shown for the first time within the framework of the Beijing Motorcycle Show.

It was in January of this same year when we first became aware of the 902S, after the model name was leaked in the official MIIT database, that is, the Chinese Ministry of Industry, Technology and Information. Therefore, we could almost assume the arrival of the model sooner rather than later.

And the moment seems to have arrived just 5 months later. And after seeing the first images published by Motorrad Online, we must confess that it is more or less what we expected. A motorcycle included within the naked segment very similar to the current 752S.

This is confirmed when we look in detail at the elements that make up its exterior: Chassis, tires, tank or shape of the lighting equipment have a high degree of similarity with its younger sister. In addition, the declared wheelbase matches, 1,460mmso this theory gains even more strength.

The new Benelli 902S is presented in society

Likewise, Benelli also uses the same set of tires, measuring 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear and a good part of the elements that shape the basic equipment. Full-LED lighting, full-color TFT screen, Marzocchi suspensions or Brembo braking are on this list.

What is new about the future Benelli 902S?

In the absence of official data issued by the brand itself, it is clear that the main novelty of the 902S It is its propellant. This, as in the future TRK 902 and TRK 902 X, has a parallel technical architecture. The two-cylinder 904cc declares a power of 105 HP, while the maximum speed rises from 190 km/h of the 752S to 225km/h of this new model.

The new Benelli 902S is presented in society

Although the transalpine firm has not yet spoken of final figures, it is estimated that the dry weight is around 220 kilograms, to which we should add the 14.5 liters of fuel that its younger sister's tank can currently hold. This translates into an increase of 5 or 6 kilos compared to the 752S.

Lastly, the price. In China there is talk of an official rate of 39,800 yuan, about 5,100 euros To the change. If we take a look at what you have to pay for a 752S, it is likely that the new 902S will remain below 9,000 euros once the brand starts marketing in Europe.

The new Benelli 902S is presented in society

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