QJMotor scooter range test

QJMotor, a different path

In an environment with many more brands than before, a good strategy is essential to establish yourself in a new market. Aware of this, QJMotor has trusted Motos Bordoy as the brand's importer in Spain and Portugal. The reason is its proven previous experience introducing brands, its own or those of others, with outstanding results.

The result is visible: QJMotor has grown more than any other Chinese brand since its arrival in Spain in October 2022. What's more, QJMotor's growth in Spain and Portugal is higher than that of the rest of the European countries. The reason must be found in the introduction of the models, starting with medium and large displacement models, and then gradually introducing models with smaller displacement, until reaching 125 cc.

This strategy has achieved a very good perception of the brand, not only by end customers, but also by dealers, who have to decide which brands they will sell in their establishments.

And in a world where there are many scooter brands that manufacture in China, the fact that a brand like QJMotor has a range of medium and large displacement engines means great solvency when choosing which scooter it wants to sell.

QJ Motor scooter range test

As a result, in a year and a half, QJMotor offers a range of 17 models, which will soon be more; In that time, there have been more than 1,500 registrations on the Peninsula, the best result in all of Europe.

The success is the result of the initial commitment to a wide and deep range, which is now complemented by the introduction of three scooters to its range: the MTX 125, LTR 125 and the Fort 4.0, with medium displacement and high expectations.

QJ Motor scooter range test

QJ MTX 125

The QJ MTX 125 is the compact of the range, but packed with technology and equipment. Its engine is a 4-stroke single-cylinder, 4-valve, water-cooled engine that reaches 15 HP of power, all that is allowed by legislation.

It also has a Mild Hybrid system, which provides extra electrical help by simply reversing the polarity of the alternator, when a series of factors allow it. In addition to improving performance, it reduces consumption and emissions.

It is activated with the same switch that activates/deactivates the start & stop system that is also equipped and is deactivated when any of the following events occur: 7,500 rpm is exceeded, the battery voltage drops below 12.2V or the 8 seconds. There's also TCS traction control and dual-channel ABS for the wave brake discs. In addition, the levers are adjustable and it has a parking brake. The double hydraulic shock absorber is adjustable in preload.

QJ Motor scooter range test

The lighting is full LED and the pinecones are backlit. It has a keyless system and a 5” multifunction TFT screen and mirroring connectivity, that is, you can reproduce the screen of your mobile phone (and therefore, the navigation system you use). The information it provides is extensive, including tire temperature and pressure. The tire valves are offset and the rims are 14 inches at the front and 13 at the rear.

A jet helmet fits under the seat. To alleviate this, it includes a 33-liter Shad rear trunk as standard, which works with the same key as the keyless key, so the load capacity is resolved. In the countershield there are two glove boxes, one of them with USB-A and C charging sockets.

QJ Motor scooter range test

A very equipped scooter with a dynamic ride, as we were able to see on a route with the three scooters along the roads that rise after Castelldefels. The MTX has relaxed ergonomics, but not at odds with good manners

The MTX 125 accelerates quickly, I don't know if it's helped by the hybrid system, but it seems more than normal to me for a 125. It changes direction with ease and the brakes are up to par. It is capable of reaching 110 km/h cruising speed, which makes it suitable for bypasses on fast roads.

QJ Motor scooter range test

THE QJ MTX 125 fights in the most complicated sector, the compact 125 cc scooters, where rivals such as the Honda PCX 125 (12.3 HP €3,360), the Yamaha Nmax 125 (12.2 HP. €3,799), the SYM Jet X 125 (12.6 HP, €3,399) or the Zontes M-125 (14.5 HP, €3,487).

Analyzing the figures in parentheses, the QJ MTX 125 (15 HP, €2,999) is worth a try. In black, gray or the white you see in the photos, it is now available, with a six-year warranty and the first year's insurance, free.

QJ Motor scooter range test

QJ LTR 125

We are looking at the classic scooter of the range. Its lines, clearly neo retro, should not mislead you, because the LTR 125 also produces 15 HP. It shares the diameter and stroke measurements with the MTX 125, but QJ tells us that it is a different engine, although it also shares with the MTX the 4-stroke single-cylinder architecture with 4 water-cooled valves.

Suspensions and brakes are perhaps more modest, among other things because the wheels are 12 inches. The LTR is a smaller scooter, but also lighter. At 118kg in curb condition, it must be one of, if not the best power-to-weight ratio scooter on the market. This is reflected in the benefits. In favorable conditions, I managed to see 120 km/h on a 12-inch wheel scooter!

QJ Motor scooter range test

Aesthetics aside, the QJ LTR 125 is a formidable weapon in the urban jungle. With those wheels, a very small turning angle, such low weight and 15 HP, you will be the king (or queen) of traffic jams. And a detail that I have not mentioned: the floor is flat, which gives it extra versatility.

The toll is the gap under the hull, where half a jet would barely fit. It's more of a glove box than anything else. Speaking of glove boxes, there are two open in the countershield, one of them with a USB socket. But if you want to leave the helmet on the bike, the LTR 125 also comes with a 33-liter Shad top case as standard, in the same body color (blue, white or black) that works with the same key on the bike.

QJ Motor scooter range test

Like the MTX, it has dual-channel ABS, full LED lighting and a start & stop system. On board it feels comfortable, but in addition to being light, it is undoubtedly small. The seat, with a diamond pattern, has personality. I dare to say that it is the fastest “classic” scooter on the market. When driving above 100 km/h, it must be taken into account that the wheels are 12 inches.

Just because it can ride on expressways with ease does not mean that it is its habitat, which is the city. In this regard, it must be said that the friction of the stand will be the limitation that you encounter when tilting when you are looking for the tickling on the road.

In any case and for €2,999, it seems very worth considering among its rivals, as diverse as the Royal Alloy GP 125 (9.6 HP, €3,389), Vespa Primavera 125 (11 HP, €5,099), Peugeot Django 125 (10.6 HP, €3,289) or the SYM Fiddle 125 (11.4 HP, €2,999).

It surpasses all of them in power and performance. You will have to put in your batteries, because like the MTX 125, it offers a 6-year warranty and one year of insurance at no additional cost.

QJ Motor scooter range test

QJ Fort 4.0

With El Fort 4.0, QJMotor strongly enters the most competitive segment after the 125 scooter. Its nomenclature hides a couple of secrets. If you look closely, next to the name “Fort” the letters “ress” appear, because in English “Fortress” means “fortress”.

Furthermore, like some of its rivals, such as the Voge SR4 Max T (34 HP, €5,787) or the BMW C400X (34 HP, €7,250) and BMW C400GT (€8,290), it also uses the 4 in its name, even if it has 350 cc. They are not their only rivals.

To them we must add the Honda Forza 350 (29 HP, €6,350), Yamaha €6,999), SYM Cruisym Alpha 300 (26 HP, €5,799) or the SYM Maxsym 400 (34 HP, €6,999), Piaggio Beverly 300 (25.8 HP, €5,099), Piaggio Beverly 400 (35.4 HP, €6,099), Zontes D 350 (36.7 HP, €4,787), tested on this page in January, or its brother the Zontes E 350 (36.7 HP, €5,087). A whole jungle for which the QJ Fort 4.0 comes very well equipped.

QJ Motor scooter range test

Its 350 cc engine delivers 34 HP at 7,500 rpm and 35.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm, of course and like the 125, with 4 valves in the cylinder head. The suspensions are within the usual range, with a 110 mm travel fork and double shock absorbers with preload adjustment.

Where there is surprise is in the braking system, as we find double 265 mm disc brakes, bitten by radial calipers with 4 pistons. Really effective, perhaps even too biting at first, something to which of course, you end up getting used to.

QJ Motor scooter range test

The riding position is certainly peculiar, because the generous lumbar support keeps you upright, while the handlebars are certainly close. In my case and at 178 cm, the posture is comfortable and my legs will never touch the counter shield, but for colleagues below 170 cm it has seemed perfect.

I can imagine it is not suitable for taller people. From the outside it doesn't look small; It is not, not in vain it weighs 213 kilos, but when running it is barely noticeable. The bike steps firmly, it has neutral reactions and the front axle provides the information that we like. But what stands out is the engine, which stretches and accelerates strongly, even being fun in certain sections.

QJ Motor scooter range test

Like the technological MTX 125, it has a full-color TFT panel with mirroring connectivity, being able to replicate the phone's browser on the screen. Two side glove boxes, one of them with a USB charging socket, complement the charging capacity. Under the seat fits a full-face helmet (not all) and a jet helmet. The lighting is full LED and it also has Smart Key.

Available in Grey, Bronze and Black, it is now on sale for €5,499, a very attractive price that includes the 6-year warranty, a compelling argument that will decide the purchase option in many cases.

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