Real Motors presents Ares, the electric cafe racer with a minimalist look

In recent times, various projects similar to this one have emerged. Ares of Real Motors. We are talking about a premium motorcycle that tries to stand out above the rest, thanks to a distinctive and personal design. Sometimes the result is usually satisfactory; in others not so much.

In any case, Real Motors has included in this Ares all the necessary ingredients so that, at the very least, it becomes an attractive frame. At least in the eyes of those who currently look favorably on this type of frames. We are referring to the fact that in the same product an attempt is made to combine technology, sustainability and design.

Real Motors Ares: Out of conventions

As the brand itself describes itself: “Some say we are a crazy group. And we are. We pride ourselves on not following the rules. we do not want. But, even our creations, they may not be for everyone.”

In this way they try to distance themselves from what is established, and to do so they use different stylistic resources very well combined. The café racer aesthetic of this Real Motors Ares It is one of them. With a markedly neo-retro style, the brand seeks to print that nuance of timelessness that great works usually possess, regardless of the field in which we move.

Real Motors presents Ares, the electric cafe racer with a minimalist look

Returning to their own description they explain that: “We found that the pinnacle of vehicle dynamics is that it feels analog. And we want to achieve a design that is timeless”. Regarding the latter, the soft shapes of its body stand out, and its front part stands out mainly.

Behind it we find an elongated swingarm and above it, the subframe that makes up the single-seat tail that harmoniously joins the almost linear shapes of the false tank. The alcantara-upholstered seat is visibly below the highest part of it. To finish off, a small tail is responsible for integrating a rear LED strip as a pilot, and giving it that café racer image already described.

Real Motors presents Ares, the electric cafe racer with a minimalist look

Once again we see how past and present mix in its design, something that is also visible in other parts of the Ares, such as the front headlight or the shape adopted by the semi-handlebars. On top of these, Real Motors incorporates a small digital instrument panel. Once again minimalism is imposed as a hallmark of the design itself.

The aesthetic part is completed with a soft color scheme, where cream and orange tones intermingle with the black details of the livery chosen by Real Motors, which highlights the 01 logo on its sides and the name of the brand itself on the fibers, which are responsible for fairing the front inverted fork.

Real Motors presents Ares, the electric cafe racer with a minimalist look

In dynamic terms, it uses 17” alloy wheels on both axles, one brake disc per axle, with ByBre tweezers to drive them or a rear monoshock. The brand declares an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, 160 kilometers of autonomy and only 30 minutes to recharge its battery pack up to 80%.

On the contrary, we do not have the maximum power data that its electric motor can offer, or the capacity of its battery pack. What we do know is that Real Motors hopes to be able to deliver the first units of its next Ares at the end of next year, although they do not determine what the approximate price to pay will be.

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