News in Google Maps: more ecological routes and help with electric charging

For both drivers and non-drivers, Google Maps It is a perfect ally to get anywhere. It is one of the favorite browsers for most users and one of its keys is continuous updating through new functions. It has been incorporating details such as speed cameras, the price of fuel or traffic lights; but the thing doesn't end there. The latest from the technology giant's tool are Greener routes and help with electric chargingboth very current concerns.

Sustainability is here to stay in the automotive sector and Google wanted to do its bit with the deployment of routes that help save fuel. It will not always be the fastest or shortest option, it emphasizes reducing emissions. In fact, closely related to that topic, users are shown the option to go by public transport whether travel times are comparable and practical. Updated buses and trains have been added in many cities. It also shows emissions on flights.

Although probably the most interesting thing for electric vehicle drivers is that specific information about the charger location in some cities. It will reach more locations and will be used to plan charging stops for long trips in these vehicles. In fact, it is very valuable information that takes into account opinions in reviews of the users themselves using artificial intelligence. This way a more detailed description of the charging point can be made.

This implies, for example, indicating whether it is in an underground parking lot or in a specific area of ​​the parking lot. They will also specify the available plug types or the waiting times of other users. Google Maps will be able to take into account the electric car's battery and thus suggest stops along the route with nearby chargers. Also will indicate its availability and if with that load you will be able to make the rest of the trip. News that, in the end, make the user's life much easier.

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