Recover your stolen motorcycle… After 5 years!

We move to South Yorkshire, in England, to learn about one of those bizarre stories in which several complications occur that end with the police recovering a stolen motorcycle.

The agents were busy with an accident between two cars that had occurred when, in a nearby forest, several motorcyclists appeared on enduro motorcycles. Although the officers were doing their thing, the bikers decided it was a good idea to provoke the officers.

The agents had already seen them because, according to their own testimonies, the group was coming at full speed through crop fields. But the best came when in the middle of the “exhibition” one of the hardliners couldn't overcome a ditch and fell to the ground. So the agents went to stop him because, in addition to all the above, the motorcycle did not have a license plate.

As you can see, the scene was getting complicated. But there was still an extra twist missing… Seeing their friend threatened, the rest of the group decided that the best way to solve it and not leave him to his fate, so they began to attack the agents trying to run them over, slightly injuring one in the attempt.

Faced with this situation, the agents asked for reinforcements, although when they arrived the rest of the group had fled (they were no longer so brave nor did they care about their partner), but the first Durero had been detained.

After the skirmish they verified that it was a stolen motorcycle

It was at that moment, after all the adrenaline and the group disappearing, that calm returned and they proceeded to examine the motorcycle, a Husqvarna FE 350. The line and the bingo were completed at the same time because both the chassis number and the license plate itself, which we had talked about earlier, was gone.

The model is from 2019, the year it was stolen

Thanks to police action, it was confirmed that the stolen motorcycle had been stolen in 2019 and that its owner had already been notified by the police. Of course, for now he has not been able to get back on his motorcycle because the police still want to analyze it in detail.

Ahh, and if you were wondering what happened to the least skilled of the group, as the MCN colleagues tell us, after the ride in the back seat of the patrol car, he is on police bail waiting for charges to be filed against him .

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