Are door handles flush with the bodywork more dangerous?

There are some trends in automotive design that seem to be here to stay. In recent years, more and more cars have door handles flush with the body, a resource that makes them improve at an aerodynamic level (by reducing air resistance) and that also appeals aesthetically to the majority of users. However, now their safety is being questioned and there is already some organization that claims that they are more dangerous in case of accident than the traditional ones.

The main difference between these handles is the electric drive, as they usually operate by proximity to the key or directly by touching the vehicle's opening button. The fact is that in the event of an accident, they could make it difficult to rescue passengers, making it take longer for emergency services to access the interior of the car. In the event of a fire it would be even more critical. The problem would come when cuts off the power supplysomething that in some cases happens for security reasons, since it would be completely blocked.

On paper, the truth is that flush door handles have not posed any major legal problems either. At EuroNCAP, which evaluates the safety of cars at European level with their crash tests, it has been observed that the doors remain unlocked after the tests without any anomalies. Although in reality, the shooters Traditional mechanics are still more effective. In case the door is deformed or you have to pull forcefully to unblock it, they have a shape that is more beneficial.

The truth is that, since its launch, there has been a lot of controversy with the door handles flush with the bodywork. Some users also reported the problems in cold environments, because they were frozen and there was no way to access the vehicle. There is always a mechanical option to unlock them for security, but many users are not familiar with it. Brands like Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and many others are opting for this solution in many cars and it does not seem that this trend is going to disappear.

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