Royal Enfield’s upcoming Bullet 650 is almost ready, and it has been spotted alongside another new model: the Guerrilla 450

Royal Enfield continue to follow its commercial expansion plan, bringing new models to its current range, such as the future one Bullet 650. We have new news (and images) about the latter, which clearly show that it is about to be launched on the market imminently. For the occasion, it has been seen in good company, with the brand new Guerrilla 450.

It was the Indian media Rush Lane who showed an image in which both models can be clearly seen. Judging by how the future Bullet 650 looks, it is clear that the brand is finalizing details related to its development. Dressed almost entirely in “work clothes”, the Bullet 650 looks equipped with everything necessary to be able to circulate, legally, on any road on the planet.

Royal Enfield Bullet 650: What’s next

One thing is clear: the Indo-British firm will have a very wide range of models with which to cover the needs of the majority of its customers. This means using the existing platforms and, based on them, adding or removing what is necessary depending on the model they intend to launch on the market at any given time.

This translates, as in the case of the Bullet 650in having a frame very similar to the also upcoming Classic 650, although equipped with different equipment and finishes. However, most of the elements of the chassis and the mechanical section would remain unchanged.

The upcoming Bullet 650 is almost ready to go into production

Regarding the latter, we find the already known twin-cylinder engine of 648 cc in-line engine with a draft of 270º, four-stroke and mixed air and oil cooling. Currently, it is used to extract 47 HP of power (therefore, it turns out suitable for A2 license), and 52.3 Nm maximum torque. All this associated with a 6-speed gearbox with a wet multi-disc clutch and anti-bounce system for better performance.

However, when we talk about aesthetic terms or finishes, as Rush Lane rightly states, “The differences between the Classic 650 and the Bullet 650 will be insignificant”as is already the case with the current Bullet and Classic 350. As significant identity features, the Bullet 650 will be equipped with a one-piece seat and will feature a mudguard design with a marked retro feel.

The upcoming Bullet 650 is almost ready to go into production

On the other hand, the headlight, fuel tank, chassis, side exhaust system and body panels would be shared between both models and, in turn, with the current Super Meteor 650. Also the type of radial tyre and the suspension system. However, other equipment elements such as the instrument panel would not be the same, where the Classic could be one step ahead in terms of technology.

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