RPHA 12 by HJC, the helmet that redefines the standards of aerodynamics and comfort for motorcyclists

HJC has launched its latest innovation in the world of motorcycle helmets: the RPHA 12. This model not only sets new standards in aerodynamics and comfort, but also integrates the revolutionary Premium Integrated Matrix EVO (PIM EVO) construction. This manufacturing method combines aramid fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic nonwoven fabric and natural flax fiber, resulting in a structure that is both lightweight and robust.

The HJC RPHA 12 in detail

The design of the RPHA 12 prioritizes aerodynamic efficiency, featuring an optimized rear spoiler and a shell shape that minimizes lift and air resistance. This feature not only improves stability at high speeds, but also contributes to a quieter and more comfortable ride. The HJ-42 curved screen and its unique 2-way pivoting ratchet system further reduce air resistance and noise, while also ensuring a tight seal against the elements.

To maximize comfort, the interior of the RPHA 12 is fully removable and customizable, thanks to its interchangeable cheek pads. The inclusion of an emergency pull tab adds an additional layer of security, allowing quick access to the helmet in critical situations.

In terms of safety, the RPHA 12 complies with ECE 22.06 regulations, having passed rigorous tests evaluating energy attenuation, penetration resistance, structural integrity of the chin strap and labeling requirements. HJC offers a 5-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and demonstrating confidence in the durability of this helmet.

The use of advanced materials in the PIM EVO shell not only improves impact resistance, but also results in a lighter and more comfortable helmet. HJC, with its advanced in-house wind tunnel laboratory, ensures that each helmet meets the highest quality standards through extensive testing under laboratory conditions and in real-world situations.


The RPHA 12 also includes an emergency kit with cheek pads, facilitating safe and quick rescue in emergency situations. Additionally, the interior is designed with an advanced antibacterial fabric that improves moisture wicking and quick drying, providing greater comfort and freshness during long trips.

Equipped with an Advanced Channeled Ventilation System, the RPHA 12 sets new industry standards for aerodynamics and ventilation, combining the latest technology with HJC's experience in MotoGP racing helmet design.


As for the decorations, you can find all of them on the official website, although throughout these weeks we have already shown you some of them:

In short, the HJC RPHA 12 is the ideal choice for motorcyclists looking for a helmet that offers maximum performance and safety, without compromising comfort. With its advanced technology and innovative design, the RPHA 12 redefines what riders can expect from a high-end helmet.

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