Starship is not only a spaceship, it is also a range of stylish touring motorcycles and a host of equipped

The range Starship of PFMoto expands with the arrival of two new versions, Starship 4 and Starship 6. In any case, the Chinese brand uses the same formula used in the initial variant: A liquid cooled V2 engine It is responsible for promoting a road-going concept mount, inspired by current large touring vehicles.

Looking back we should go back to the summer of 2022 to place the brand and this Starship range on the radar. Then PFMoto announced its official presentation as a brand for a few weeks later. Specifically on August 16 of that same season.

An ADV type scooter and a touring vehicle with a futuristic image would be the two models with which it would begin its commercial journey. Finally, regarding the latter, they launched the so-called Starship 3a mount equipped with a V2 engine of about 300 cc and just over 30 HP of power.

Almost a year later there was already speculation about the arrival of the Starship 6, as the second version to expand the new range of models of the Asian firm, although it was not until just a few days ago when PFMoto showed the final version at the well-known Beijing Motorcycle Show.

PFMoto presents the new versions 4 and 6 of its Starship, a Chinese scale copy of the Honda Gold Wing

Previously, and under the internal name of Concept 6, the brand has dedicated itself to showing the project at some of the most important fairs in Asia. Now, thanks to our colleagues at Motorrad Online we already have the images of the final street version and we know the most relevant data of the model.

PFMoto Starship 6 in detail

like the Starship 2this new variant is equipped with a V2 engine, although for the occasion it announces 573cc. From it a final power of 55 HP and a maximum declared torque of 55Nm. A priori they may seem like solvent figures for a mount of this type; However, Starship 6 will have to pull 327 kg in running order, figure that includes the weight of your complete set of suitcases.

PFMoto presents the new versions 4 and 6 of its Starship, a Chinese scale copy of the Honda Gold Wing

Other significant technical data that has been made known are, for example, its seat height, just 745mmand a wheelbase of 1,616mm. A toothed belt is used in the final transmission, although this could be replaced by a chain as an option.

Aesthetically, it reminds us of the Honda Gold Wing, something already common in Chinese models developed under the Grand Touring concept. The good level of equipment too, since it includes numerous technical and comfort elements with which to improve life on board on any type of tour. This Starship 6 It has an adjustable front screen, a large instrument panel with Bluetooth connectivity, audio system or Full-LED lighting.

PFMoto presents the new versions 4 and 6 of its Starship, a Chinese scale copy of the Honda Gold Wing

The chassis part more than fulfills the purpose of the motorcycle thanks to having an inverted front fork, 4-piston radial brake calipers on the front axle and a fuel tank capable of holding a few 22 liters of fuel, sufficient to give us autonomy close to the 500 kilometers. All this for a price in China around 5,800 euros To the change

PFMoto Starship 4, the third in contention

As if this were not enough, the Asian brand is already preparing the launch of a third variant under the commercial name of Starship 4. Again, a water-cooled V2 engine is the central element of the set, although in this case the displacement rises to 398cc from the 302 cc of version “3”.

PFMoto presents the new versions 4 and 6 of its Starship, a Chinese scale copy of the Honda Gold Wing

Performance is also increased with 40 HP of power declared for a curb weight of 229 kilograms. The seat height is reduced to 695mmwhile the level of equipment remains at the levels of its younger sister.

30There is no official price for the latter nor any intention on the part of the brand, at the moment, to market its range of models in Europe.

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