Why can't the Fiat Topolino carry Italian flags?

He Fiat Topolino It is one of the most important launches in the recent history of the Italian firm. Currently they have a somewhat more contained range and are going to focus on small electric models, as well as commercial ones. In the case of the Topolino, the Citroën Ami platform is used to make a light quadricycle that can be interesting in the city. However, now he has had a problem and You will not be able to carry Italian flags even though the manufacturer wants to claim that identity.

Many of Fiat's products want to transmit that tradition of Italy and the philosophy of sweet life which was their claim for decades. However, the country's authorities have a very clear premise: they can only carry the flag those products that are national. The so-called “Made in Italy” law protects all goods manufactured in Italy and does not allow this type of misappropriation. At Stellantis they have already suffered it with the change from Alfa Romeo Milano to Junior because he was not originally from Milan.

The fact is that the Fiat Topolino is assembled in the Stellantis factory in Morocco, so it is not a product made in Italy. And the authorities have taken it so seriously that They have confiscated more than a hundred of electric quadricycle units arriving at the port of Livorno. The reason is that they carry a small Italian flag on the doors and they shouldn't. Now the brand will have to go back and remove that little badge so as not to have legislative problems with your country of origin.

They attributed it to the fact that the project had begun in Turin and that they were not acting in bad faith, but the argument has been of little use to them. Many point out that the Italian government is in full war against Stellantis and their brands (especially the Italian ones) due to the cuts they have been making in recent years. This has negatively affected them. move production to other countries and lay off many workers. In fact, more dismissals are expected at the Turin plant and several strikes are called.

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