BMW has taken an R12 Nine T, put its huge boxer in it and turned it into its next prototype

The date for BMW Motorrad present, which seems to become its new retro-looking maxi naked, is approaching on the calendar. Specifically, it will be the next May 24 when, on the occasion of the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2024, the German brand unveils its new frame in society.

To add emotion to the matter, Markus Flasch, the current boss of the brand, has published several images on their social networks related to the next model. Previously, in an exclusive interview with Motorrad Online he commented on the current sales of the R 18: ““We are not unhappy with the sales figures of the R 18, it is a good motorcycle and looks elegant, but in my opinion it is not a typical BMW.”

And continues: “shortly we will present something in which we will try to install this engine, the most typical flagship that BMW has, that is, this big boxer, in a more typical BMW Motorrad motorcycle. We showed a concept bike on the Concorso d'Eleganza platform in Villa d'Este on Lake Como. This will be a test to see if we can do something completely different with the engine. I don't mean to eliminate something else, but to complement it.”

BMW Motorrad goes for retro style

After the different images that have been published on social networks, we can glimpse some light regarding what BMW Motorrad could be preparing. And this is nothing more than a BMW R 12 nineT style mount but in a “raw version”. You just have to take a look at the swingarm shown in one of these photographs for this idea to gain even more strength.

We already mentioned in previous articles that BMW Motorrad had used the famous Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este to previously present the R 18. It was in 2019 when the Bavarian firm showed the first attempt at the subsequent series model. If we add to this that the brand itself, in the official statement of the event argues that:

“Guests and media representatives can also look forward to two quite special world premieres: a sporty and unique one with a maritime touch and rock 'n' roll on two wheels.” White and bottled, milk.

After all these speculations, based on the information we have, now we have to ask ourselves when will be the right time to launch a frame of this type on the market. Everything points to 2025 as the final date on which BMW Motorrad will include its new model within its current product range.

Of course, it should be powered by the boxer engine. 1,802cc capable of generating maximum torque 158 Nm at 3,000 rpm and 91 HP of power in the R 18 range. It is very likely that this will arrive adapted to the new Euro 5 + and perhaps with an added power bonus, 100 HP?… remains to be seen.

New details about the next retro naked from BMW Motorrad

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