Ineos Grenadier 1924: first special edition for the off-roader

The Ineos Grenadier is one of the most peculiar off-road vehicles of the few that currently remain. Its level of purity is very high and it has been well received by the public. Now they wanted to continue their history by marking a unprecedented milestone to date. And they have launched their first special edition, something very common in other premium manufacturers. Its about IneosGrenadier 1924 and it is a tribute to a legendary clothing brand that is celebrating its centenary.

The British firm, Belstaff, was founded in 1924 and is owned by Ineos. Hence we see that surname in this car, with an alliance that gives rise to a truly special vehicle. The truth is that they had already collaborated to create the Trialmaster and Fieldmaster jackets, although now they go one step further. The Grenadier 1924 is distinguished from the rest by its color configuration Inky Black and Magic Mushroom achieving a striking contrast. Also exclusive are the 17 inch wheels with diamond cut and shiny black accents.

The grill, which would be chrome in other examples, receives a vinyl black; while the front and rear anti-slip plates are in dark gray. For him There are also changes inside and the Ineos Grenadier 1924 has a dark green finish in various parts of the cabin, while the roof is upholstered in dark gray. The quality provided by the black leather upholstery on the steering wheel, handbrake and passenger handles. Nor the number with the limited edition and Belstaff centenary emblem.

As expected, will only be produced 1,924 units of this Ineos Grenadier 1924. They will be available from June 26 and will have no further changes, apart from the aesthetic ones. This means that the off-road capabilities and also the known propulsion systems will be maintained. Can choose with a diesel or a gasoline, both of BMW origin and with the same 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder configuration. Now we only need to know the price of this first special limited edition of the Grenadier.

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