The NSP190 is Honda's new mount, and it shows that low displacements are also cool

At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Wuyang Sling presented its new compact sports motorcycle, the Honda NSP190. This bike quickly became the star of the event thanks to its elegant design and luxurious equipment, setting a new standard for novice riders. Without a doubt, a sporty option with an excellent quality-price ratio, which will make its owners' adrenaline soar.

Mechanically, the Honda NSP190 It features the same air-cooled single-cylinder engine as the Honda CB190. By the way, a model that we already told you about at the time. For its part, the new Sling offers a maximum power of 16.8 HP and a maximum torque of 16.3 Nm. With a weight of 145 kg and a seat height of 769 mm, it stands out in its category for its accessibility.

This is the Honda NSP190

The exterior design of the NSP190 It exudes a strong sporty atmosphere, although its half-fairing style is reminiscent of Japanese streetcars from the 1990s. The upper half of the hood and side covers are not directly connected to the bottom of the bike, leaving the mechanical structure of the bike exposed. engine. This gives the NSP190 a sporty look while maintaining flexibility. Additionally, the riding triangle has been carefully tuned to balance passion with comfort. That is, almost perfect ergonomics.

One of the highlights of the Honda Wuyang NSP190 It is its equipment, abundant and practical. It features an inverted front fork, dual-piston brake calipers, and a central rear monoshock. The control unit includes ABS and HSTC safety protection. In addition, the NSP190 has a keyless start system that allows you to start the vehicle using your mobile phone via Bluetooth or NFC.

Honda NSP190

The instrument panel is connected to a full-color TFT LCD display,30 which supports smartphone connectivity functions and local map information systems for navigation. Another interesting feature is the collaboration with DJI, which allows you to control the Osmo Action 4 action camera from the handlebars, making it easy to capture photos and videos while riding.

Despite its striking design and equipment, the NSP190's performance is a bit limited, which is understandable given that it is aimed at the more entry-level market. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is quite unlikely that the NSP190 will be exported outside of China.

Honda NSP190

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