Suck that bitter and angry driver, my motorcycle makes me happy

After interviewing more than 1,100 people throughout Spain, the Pont Grup insurance brokerage has published an interesting report that brings us closer to the reality of motorcycles in our country. But it does so not only from cold statistics, but also taking into account the feelings of those who drive motorcycles.

And, of course, one of the feelings that society most seeks today is to feel happy. We have always said that the sensation you experience when you ride a motorcycle can only be understood by someone who rides a motorcycle. But thanks to this study we know that, regardless of the use they give to the motorcycle, those more than 1,100 interviewees gave a 4.3 out of 5 to the happiness they experience when they are on it.

Being able to enjoy some time on a motorcycle a day, even if it is to commute to work, always leaves some moment in which everything is put aside and there you are with your motorcycle, simply enjoying. And surely that is exactly what makes us happy when we pick it up, although the study has not gone into that much depth about it.

What it has done is press other opinions, such as what they would do if they only had one day off a week. And 37% did not hesitate to spend it with their motorcycle, whether riding it, cleaning it, doing maintenance…

The majority profile of motorcycle users continues to be middle-aged men

Another striking figure, beyond the fact that 75% of users are men between 46 and 55 years old, is that 57% of the total are married. But what is more striking is the good perception of oneself that they have, and that is that 3 out of 4 users consider themselves an expert driver.

It is also curious how the use of the motorcycle is distributed depending on geography, because although 68% acknowledge using it for its comfort and versatility in the city, in Catalonia 77% highlight its urban use while in Galicia 54% make a much more recreational use, thinking about enjoying the routes and landscapes.

A striking point is that of sharing that happiness called a motorcycle and it is surprising that there are two very marked profiles. 62% would lend their motorcycle and the remaining 37% would not. But of that 62%, almost three out of every four respondents are under 45 years old and their motorcycle is less than five years old.

The reason for using the motorcycle varies depending on the area

To finish this interesting study, they also asked how much money users invest in maintaining their motorcycle, with an average of 321 euros per year. Those who spend the most are those from Madrid, with 430 euros, and those from Andalusia who spend the least, with 280 euros on average.

Happy drivers

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