How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

If you had planned to go to any event tourist motorcycle In 2024, today, from the SMN editorial team, we want to offer you a small guide composed of 5 tips, with which you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Whether on the way to the place of your celebration, or along the route itself.

Keep in mind that in any case you must always keep in mind such important factors as the date, the location chosen for any tourist motorcycle eventas well as the places to visit, distances to travel or level of organization that has been prepared for each occasion.

5 Tips to face a successful motorcycle tourist event

Be well equipped: Be cold or hot, it depends on you

It seems like a truism, but it is not. Basically, because there are routes that can change the landscape and climate in a matter of hours. This should put us on alert and have the necessary equipment to confront them conveniently at any time. It is not the same to do the Transpirenaica in the Sun to Sun Challenge on next Junethan enjoy it tourist motorcycle event in winter dates.

Therefore, we must have everything in our equipment that can help us at a given moment. And no, we are not talking about throwing on all the clothes we have. However, it is always good to have a complete raincoat, a spare pair of gloves and be equipped with equipment that has a removable lining. You never know what weather we may encounter.

How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

Distances to travel: Control the fuel level

Another thing that we often ignore, or do not pay enough attention to, is the distances to travel along the route of a tourist motorcycle event. But even more important is to know the route by heart and, above all, if we have continuous service stations along it where we can refuel.

Making sure of this aspect will avoid unwanted scares in the middle of the route. In addition, we should always try to have a full fuel tank. Although currently most adventure or touring bikes have a large capacity fuel tank, it is something that we always have to keep in mind to avoid a bad time at any time. event tourist motorcycle.

How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

Use of Roadbook: Digital or paper?

Currently, many of the motorcycle tourist events held in our country, such as the different editions of Sun to Sun, give us the possibility of using a Roadbook to complete the different stages that we will encounter along the way. Either in the form of a checkpoint or as a scheduled route throughout each day, if it lasts several days.

In any case we mainly have two types of Roadbook: in paper or digital. It is essential that we make sure that it is well anchored to the motorcycle and that, in addition, we have the necessary accessories for its correct operation, such as a physical button panel on one of the motorcycle's pins.

How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

Places we will travel through: On or Offroad

Of course, once we know the route established within the route of the tourist motorcycle event which we are going to attend, it is very important to take into account whether there will be sections that run off-road. If so, it is essential to have all those elements on our mount so as not to suffer any mishap during the ride.

Whether it's equipping mixed tires, adapting the suspension to the demands of the route or having protective accessories such as skid plates or hand and fork protectors, they don't come amiss on these occasions.

Something very different is facing a route exclusively by road, where the demand is lower and we can adapt more easily to possible inconveniences.

How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

Alone or in company: To the consumer's taste

Finally, it is very important to adapt our mount, equipment and riding style depending on whether we are alone or accompanied to successfully face any situation. event tourist motorcycle. As we all know, many of the new motorcycles, generally adventure type, come equipped with countless elements to make driving easier if we are accompanied to one of these motorcycle tourist events.

Adjustable suspensions, and even semi-active suspensions, adjustable front screen, or heated grips and seat are among the most important extras that we can count on. However, does the same thing happen in a naked or medium-low displacement sport trim frame?

How to face a tourist motorcycle event and enjoy it to the fullest from start to finish

As a general rule, no, although there may be exceptions. So we must prepare it appropriately to be able to enjoy an efficient route, incorporating all those elements that we need, whether we are going alone or accompanied. It is always advisable to be predictable in order to adapt to any unforeseen event on the route, whether it comes in the form of cold, heat, changes in the state of the asphalt or long distances without being able to stop.

We hope that this small guide will help you when preparing any tourist motorcycle event, but above all that you can enjoy it in the safest, most enjoyable and efficient way possible. The combination of these three characteristics usually becomes synonymous with success and that's what it's all about, right?

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