Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S: Ultra exclusive

Supreme has presented one of its most outstanding items for this spring/summer 2024. The New York fashion brand has surprised with the launch of a collaboration with Ducati. The one chosen for this event has been the Streetfighter V4 S and, as it could not be otherwise, the characteristic company logo and the white and red colors are the undisputed protagonists. The rest remains unchanged.

Yeah, Supreme He has done it again. Like every year, the American clothing brand presented the new collection. Inside, in addition to the most varied garments, we find everything: accessories for the home, for free time, skateboards, suitcases, bags, glasses… And, now, again, a motorcycle along with its equipment. Remind you that Supreme had already collaborated with Sling in the past.

But, as is usually the case in this type of collaboration, this epic Ducati Streetfighter V4 S It doesn't come alone. A helmet Arai RX-7V EVO with design Aldo Drudi and some leather gloves Ducati C1, both also signed by Supremecomplete the collaboration.

Of course, it will be quite difficult to get your hands on one of these ultra-exclusive products. Possibly, only if you live in the US or Japan, and have the punishment dollars, are you eligible to get a complete pack. We will only see the rest in photos.

This is the Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

As we have mentioned, the technical base does not change. Only the decoration is different, which comes in the purest New York style. Of course, it is something that characterizes this brand inspired by street culture and the world of skateboarding.

Minimalism in the designs and a clear prominence of its logo are its distinctive signature. We only have one more thing left, to remind you of the numbers of this beauty of Italian origin in a Yankee suit. The new one Streetfighter V4 S Supreme comes equipped with the 1,100 cc Desmosedici Stradale engine with 208 HP and 123 Nm of torque.

Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

For those who don't know, Supreme is a New York-based clothing and accessories brand, founded in 1994 by British James Jebbia. She is known for her urban aesthetic and her focus on street culture, becoming an icon of urban fashion and youth lifestyle. The brand is famous for its box-shaped logo and its collaboration with other renowned brands, artists and designers.

Supreme is known for its marketing strategy that includes limited releases of products that generate high demand and create a sense of exclusivity among its followers. Her products often sell out quickly, which has contributed to her reputation as a cult brand.

In addition to her clothing line, Supreme has collaborated with iconic brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, The North Face and many others, which has expanded its reach and consolidated its position in the fashion industry. The founder of the brand, the Mr. Jebbiawas always a fan of skateboarding and founded his brand under the precepts of this sport and its aesthetics.

The brand's first store opened (and continues to operate today) at 274 Lafayette, New York. Supreme is one of the symbols of street culture, producing truly unique clothing with truly controlled production. So much so, that finding five stores Supreme In a city it is impossible. There are only 14 in the entire world: 4 are based in the United States and 6 in Japan.

Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

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