Take the Yamaha XSR700 to another level with the carbon conversion kit from Tyrant by Hoo-Bue

With the carbon assembly Tyrant of Hoo-Bueoriginally from Taiwan, the Yamaha XSR700 It transforms into a spectacular tracker-style motorcycle. This kit, which we will tell you how much it costs later, includes quality components made by hand in carbon fiber. By the way, although it is possible to buy these kits for Europe, at the moment they lack ABE or TÜV certifications.

Jurmola young Taiwanese designer, reveals his innovations under the seal of Hoo-Bue, initially in the form of sketches and later as unique custom motorcycles. Now, as a novelty, Hoo-Bue, also offers complete parts and kits to replicate these designs. As is the case of our protagonist, a specific kit for the Yamaha XSR 700.

The first Yamaha XSR700 Tyrant of Jurmol It was unveiled at the end of 2020, standing out for presenting itself as an adaptation to the American Tracker style, inspired by oval track motorcycling such as Flat Track or Dirt Track. Distinctive elements of this style can be seen on both the front and rear of the Yamaha.

This is Hoo-Bue's Tyrant kit

The kit Tyrant It consists of an LED headlight hidden behind a mask that simulates a license plate, an LED rear light with integrated turn signals, a license plate holder that is anchored to the bottom of the rear wheel swingarm, covers for the front wheel and rear fairings, aluminum radiator side panels, stainless steel brackets, screws and other small parts.

Yamaha XSR700 Tyrant by Hoo-Bue

Hoo-Bue sells the Tyrant kit for models Yamaha XSR700 from 2017 to the most recent model, and always at the same price of 1,520 euros, although you must consider additional taxes and shipping costs that vary by country.

For buyers in Europe, it is important to mention, as we already told you at the beginning, that these parts do not have the general operating authorization (ABE) or the report (TÜV).

On the other hand, it is not clear how much weight the XSR700 with a full tank when installing these carbon parts. Obviously, the kit does not modify the 73.5 HP of power from the in-line twin-cylinder engine.

Yamaha XSR700 Tyrant by Hoo-Bue

You have already seen, with the kit Tyrant of Hoo-Buethe yamaha adopts an exceptional tracker style. And although the cost of the kit is considerable, its hand-made carbon components justify the investment.

Yamaha XSR700 Tyrant by Hoo-Bue

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