The 5th Edition of Cuna de Viajeros in the search for its new ambassadors

Looking for new experiences? Well, read this article carefully and become one of the ambassadors of Cuna de Viajeros 2024, in a unique experience organized by Ruralka on Road.

The 5th Edition of Traveler's Cradle 2024 is looking for new ambassadors who want to live an unforgettable experience with other bikers at events such as the BMW Motorrad Days 2024 in Peñíscola, from July 5 to 7, with music of all kinds.

Celtas Cortos, Ariel Rot or Dj Nano, among others. A nice way to show that conventional users also travel and are a motivation for the rest of the biker community.

Traveler's Crib 2024 in detail

This unique experience, organized by Ruralka on Road, serves to demonstrate that any biker can travel with their motorcycle, whatever it may be, and trace the best routes in Spain or Europe. But not only that, it also tries to prove that we can all be influencers and share our route and all its secrets with others.

The great novelty of this 5th edition is that the 20 selected finalists will go to the music festival that they have prepared and, of course, all of them will have the opportunity to experience the grand finale of Traveler's Cradle 2024 with all the equipment, gifted with a CunaPack by Ruralka that includes tickets to the festival, lunch, dinner and more surprises.

How you can participate

Regardless of the type of motorcycle you own, participation is open until May 31, 2024 and it is very simple, you just have to follow the steps in the Instagram post that you have a little above. Additionally, if you are not preselected, the organization will raffle 3 CunaPacks among all participants in the post shown.

So don't miss this opportunity to be part of this adventure where the most important thing is you and the experience you can live in this 5th Edition of Cuna de Viajeros. Good luck!

The 5th Edition of Cuna de Viajeros in the search for its new ambassadors

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