Seeing how these two Harley-Davidsons come back to life is not magic… but almost

Being able to restore a motorcycle implies that, from the outset, we have access to that machine, something that is already important. Although more relevant is that we have the knowledge, the budget, the time and the hands to be able to carry it out.

For this reason, there are so many restoration projects that are left halfway and never come to fruition. Fortunately this is not one of them and thanks to the meticulous work done by YouTuber Wheel Through Time, we can see the entire process behind an epic restoration.

And it is not about restoring just any motorcycle, but about restoring a Harley-Davidson with almost 70 years behind it. Although the challenge is even greater because as you will see, in between the main restoration he also delights us with the process he is carrying out with a 1914 Harley Twin Run. Neither more nor less than a 110-year-old motorcycle!

But returning to the restoration process, the first step, as we mentioned, was to have access to the machine to be restored to subsequently make an evaluation of what they need. We are looking at a 1955 Harley-Davidson Panhead that also has a sidecar.

It must be said that for a motorcycle with almost three quarters of a century on it, it is not in very bad condition, although it is one thing that it is not in a state of calamity and another that it is ready to start because, in addition, it has been stopped for quite some time. But there is something very important and that is that it is completely standard, with sidecar included.

This Harley-Davidson Panhead even has reverse gear

The second step is to begin to review the state in which it really is to be able to start it and, of course, it is at that moment when details begin to be found that must be reviewed. Luckily they have everything they need and the knowledge to solve problems that arise, such as the gearbox. A moment that you should not miss if you want to know how a gearbox works, even if it only has four gears and reverse.

At the end and before continuing with the entire restoration process, it is time to do a quick check and see if the Panhead comes out of its slumber. We are not going to deny that kick-starting motorcycles again is not something we feel particularly nostalgic about, the starter motor is a great invention. But if the compensation after that kick is seeing the bike come back to life, it's worth it.

Of course, our friend still has a long way to go if he wants to leave the Panehad like new again. Although at least he already knows that he doesn't have anything damaged enough for restoring it to be worthless.

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