The Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT V2 is a custom for the A2…. with automatic transmission!

The Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT V2 has just landed in China with a few curious news. The most important, apart from the new look and its headlight, is a version with a practical CVT automatic transmission. Thus, the popular Chinese cruiser now has a version equipped with a gearbox similar to that used by scooters. Who gives more?

For about a year now, bobbers have become the fastest growing segment of two-wheeled models from Chinese manufacturers. We never tire of presenting you news. In addition, motorcycles with V engines in all their variants are also gaining ground and in recent months, more and more motorcycles with automatic transmission have also been seen.

But our protagonist, the Bend Chinchilla 550 CVT, curiously, combines these three trends. Or curiously not, it is indeed a product according to certain needs.

News of the Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT V2 2024

Well yes, at the Beijing motorcycle fair the new model was presented, which at first glance seemed to be the well-known Benda Chinchilla, but with a new headlight. However, it is missing the clutch lever on the handlebar and the clutch pedal on the left side. The solution to the mystery, Benda has installed a CVT transmission in its popular Bobber V2. This includes a centrifugal clutch with belt-driven variator.

Another change is the new displacement designation in the model name, Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT. Until now only V2 of Benda with 300 or 500 cc. In the 500 cc version with actual 476 cc, the engine produces a maximum power of 48 hp at 8,800 rpm and a torque of 42 Nm at 7,600 rpm. The larger engine, over 500cc, is unlikely to have much more power. But yes, it should generate a few additional Nm of torque.

Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT V2 2024

The most obvious change in Bend Chinchilla 550 CVT It's your new face. The previous headlight has been replaced by a new LED construction with daytime running lights of the type «Angel eyes» classic bmw, with the appearance of frosted glass. Low beam and high beam are provided by a new central rectangular projection lens, which is housed in a four-arm bracket. Additionally, the CVT version features a new one-piece seat, replacing the previous seat combination.

Currently, some models of Benda They are available in some European countries and compete head-to-head with other models from Asian factories. It is not yet known if any importer or distributor will offer the new CVT version in Spain. There is also no concrete information on the price of this medium-displacement automatic bobber. We'll see what a blind man said.

Benda Chinchilla 550 CVT V2 2024

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