Can you enter a Low Emission Zone with a car without a label? If you are going to pass the ITV yes

We already know that since this year things have become more complicated for cars without a label. These vehicles have seen how prohibited their entry into the Low Emission Zones in places like the entire municipality of Madrid, with very few exceptions. Those registered are still temporarily maintained, in addition to historic vehicles or those adapted for people with reduced mobility. Now the list is expanded with those cars that are going to pass the ITV and they have to do it within the perimeter of a ZBE.

To date, every vehicle without an environmental label that entered one of these areas he faced a fine of 200 euros as a general rule. However, the exception has been imposed for visiting a Technical Vehicle Inspection station because it is a procedure that is a legal obligation and that could save lives. All vehicles, regardless of their environmental label, may go to any ITV station. This is reflected by the DGT when approving the Written Directive MOV 2024-03.

This is an update to Annex II of Instruction MOV 2023/20 on Recommendations for the establishment of moratoriums, exemptions and authorizations in vehicle access to ZBEs and other UVARs (Urban Vehicle Access Regulations). It has been, in part, thanks to the insistence of the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA-ITV), which saw that It was an unfair measure for many users.

We already have a high level of ITV absenteeismas if to complicate things even more to those users who live in a ZBE or have to cross one to pass inspection. It will be useful for those who have to carry out this management or legalize reforms in an ITV station. It is still not clear how it will begin to be controlled and, above all, how users will be able to justify it. We imagine that you will have to there is a prior appointment so that the authorities can allow the vehicle without a label to continue through the ZBE exempt from a fine.

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