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Motorcycle customization is common among two-wheeled lovers, and Moto Morini knows it well. The Seiemmezzo STR can now be even more eye-catching and functional with a series of new accessories.

Among the most notable is the specific windshield for this model, available in Red Passion, Starlight White and Smoky Anthracite colors. This screen not only protects the rider from air, rain and other elements, but also adds a neo-retro and sporty touch to the motorcycle.

In addition, the Seiemmezzo STR can now be equipped with hand guards that protect the user from possible impacts, without limiting their movement and providing a street and aggressive style. Other accessories include the tail cover and the keel, both available in the same colors as the fairing, and a higher license plate holder that gives an elegant and sophisticated touch to the bike.

These accessories are added to those already available, such as side bags, tank bag, engine protections and passenger grab handles, offering users multiple options to personalize their Seiemmezzo STR.

New Options for the Seiemmezzo SCR

The scrambler version of the Seiemmezzo, the SCR, also receives new accessories. A new screen provides a simple but elegant design, as well as additional protection for the rider. Moto Morini offers handguards similar to those of the STR and an extended fender, ideal for off-road forays, which protects against mud, sand and small stones, and adds a more country style.

One of the most notable new features is the new raised flat saddle in black, designed to improve the comfort of both the rider and the passenger, ideal for those who enjoy long trips.

These new accessories join those already available for the SCR, such as the handlebar bar, engine protections, side bags and tank bag, allowing users complete customization.

Morini Seiemmezzo Motorcycle:

Special Promotion for the Seiemmezzo Range

Moto Morini has launched a special promotion for the Seiemmezzo range, valid until June 30. During this period, motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to purchase the Seiemmezzo STR for just €6,590 and the Seiemmezzo SCR for €6,990. This offer is a unique opportunity to obtain a fun, agile and versatile motorcycle at an exceptional price.

For more information about Moto Morini and its accessories, visit the official website.

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