The president of the Czech Republic suffers a motorcycle accident on a circuit!

Maybe if we talk to you about Petr Pavel you won't place him, and that's normal. He is the president of the government of the Czech Republic, but he is also a great fan of two wheels. Although he is already 62 years old, this politician who was previously a soldier, combines his work at the head of the European country, where he came to power on March 9, 2023, with his passion for motorcycles.

Since then, the man who became president of the NATO Military Committee has had some “encounters” beyond the political level (which we are not going to go into), precisely because of this hobby. And, without going any further, months after being inaugurated he was seen driving his motorcycle without his helmet. Without a doubt a bad example for which he was questioned and for which he apologized.

But Pavel is not just one of those politicians who talks about motorcycles once a year, to look good when they meet with businessmen in the sector. He has also traveled as president to Bavaria, in Germany with his own motorcycle, and even visited the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandelo del Lario and tested the Moto Guzzi Stelvio.

Pavel, president of the Czech Republic, is a speed enthusiast

On this occasion, however, the news is that a president of the Czech Republic, which without being a world power is a solvent, serious country committed to the rest of the European Union, has had an accident with his motorcycle while riding in circuit.

Yes, as you read it. The presidents are also “stirred up” if they decide to enter the circuit to enjoy themselves like the rest of us do. Furthermore, according to the media, his accident was not a simple fall, but required a short period of observation. Fortunately for him the injuries were not serious, so everything will remain an anecdote.

His political alignment is openly pro-European Union

This information also indicates that the accident occurred at low speed on difficult terrain and on a closed sports circuit. So it is more than likely that Pavel was there, with his usual BMW R 1200 GS, practicing when gravity got the better of him.

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