You will be able to know if your car has a recall thanks to this novelty from the DGT

The calls for review They are quite common in the motor world. They occur when a brand sells a series of vehicles with a manufacturing defect and notifies its users to carry out a free repair in order to solve that defect. The fact is that it is often difficult for the notices to reach the owner, since it is usually done by mail and a change of address or a change of owner is not always recorded. Therefore, it is a great novelty that the DGT could begin to include such information.

It would be done in Vehicle Registration, which is the official traffic database of cars registered in our country. It is an important step from analog to digital, since it would open a new way of communication with the user, which I could even consult If the vehicle you are going to buy has a pending recall. The objective of this novelty is to minimize the risks of accidents due to factory failures and, therefore, improve road safety.

Therefore, the information related to the calls for review will be reported, not only by postal means but through electronic media, to users. In addition, there are other ways that the citizen can find out, since the alert will go off when passing the inspection at an ITV station, also when a vehicle report is requested to buy it and, of course in the MiDGT applicationin which they try to add more information day by day.

It must be taken into account that in 2023 alone, 523 recall campaigns were carried out, affecting a total of 1.2 million cars. When the user goes to an official workshop to solve the problem, the correction will be noted and the Vehicle Registry will no longer show that it has a pending review. It is a measure that is pioneering in Europe and also protects buyers in the second-hand market.

In any case, this is how you could check if a car has a recall:

  • Vehicle Report (INTV): The pending recall is added to the previous information and the manufacturer's information letter will be attached.
  • MiDGT application– will also display complete information for the pending review call and information letter.
  • DGT Electronic Headquarters: By accessing MiDGT with a digital certificate, we obtain information on all the vehicles we own, including current MOT or insurance or whether there is a pending recall.
  • ITV stations: there they will have access to the information on recalls available with the aim of facilitating dissemination to those who are going to pass the periodic technical inspection.
  • Reduced Vehicle Report: The entry for a vehicle recall will appear in “orange,” which means that the vehicle has an important entry and is referred to the Full Report.
  • Specific Call for Review consultation service

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