Norton draws on nostalgia to delight us with the most special V4 SV of all

Norton has had great moments and is now trying to get back on that path. It is not easy for the company of British origin, which has been fighting to survive for several decades. But the truth is that it is much better than it seemed just two or three years ago.

Added to that certain peace of mind provided by the financial support of TVS is the desire to continue offering different and exclusive motorcycles. Museum pieces like the machine on which this Norton V4 SV is based, which commemorates the triumph that Steve Hislop achieved in 1992 against Carl Fogarty.

Of course, as its name indicates, we are looking at a motorcycle with a V4 engine and not one with a rotary engine like the RCW588 that achieved victory 32 years ago. In any case, as far as performance is concerned, the V4 SV is far above that legendary machine. In addition to having an exceptional chassis loaded with technology, it must be said that it offers 185 HP at 12,000 rpm, something that the RCW588 could hardly even dream of.

The Norton V4 SV will be displayed as a museum piece

What they do share is the white decoration but with some nuances. And although the stickers, in their entirety, are inspired by the originals, they are simulated and the logos of the marches of those times do not appear. What is not missing and what it also tries to fulfill as reliably as possible, is both the number and the triskelion, the emblem of the Isle of Man.

When we said that this was a museum piece we were not exaggerating and, after being exhibited at the Bike Shed Moto Show in London, it will travel to the Isle of Man to be displayed throughout the race week at the Victory Café. Once the TT is over it will go on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihll, where it will be reunited with the original RCW588.

The Manx triskelion is present

As for whether there will be an option to have a Norton like this, the answer is yes. Norton has launched a customization program for customers who purchase a Norton Commando 961, V4 CR or V4SV where they can choose all the details.

Of course, as it is a practically artisanal process, it is expected that the motorcycle will take between four and six months to be ready once the design is finalized, something that will also take time. In any case, it will be an opportunity for the most fans of the British brand to bring legendary decorations back to life.

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