The cheap electric from Volkswagen and Renault has been canceled before it was born

The search for accessible electric car It is almost the same as that of El Dorado. In recent years it is true that the rates for vehicles that use this technology have been decreasing, but they are still far from reaching the level that many families would need to access them. Now we get the bad news that is canceled before the car that Volkswagen and Renault is born They wanted to plan together to break the market. What was proposed as an Airbus of automobiles finally breaks down.

Just a couple of months ago, both manufacturers announced that they were in full negotiations and that the project looked good. However, it has been Volkswagen which has decided to abandon conversations and continue on your own in the development of an affordable electric. The initial idea was to take advantage of the base of the Renault Twingo prototype to release two models that would be focused on the city and low cost. The French firm will continue with this project and will launch production model in 2026but not the German one.

Both companies hoped that working together would help them reduce costs and thus be able to offer that electric vehicle for below the 20,000 euro barrier. It would have been a good way to compete with the Chinese rivals that have been arriving recently, although it has not materialized. They have not been able to reach an agreement and it seems that Volkswagen is to blame, but at no time the reasons have transcended to back away from this very promising project.

It seems that the Germans are studying the feasibility of producing this small and cheap electric by their own means. We have already seen prototypes like the ID.2 all or the Cupra Raval, so they have the potential. However, it remains to be seen to what extent they manage to reduce costs and if they manage to sell for that rate. renault it seems to keep going with its Twingo and that will keep the price below 20,000 euros. In any case, time will tell if it was a right or a mistake to separate and who ends up winning this battle in the market.

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