A “diabolical tribute” to a MotoGP world champion

HJC's limited editions are truly unique, both in terms of design and their special finish. Among them is the new FQ20 Le Mans Replica, a limited edition developed on the iconic RPHA 1, with which the brand surrenders to the excellence of the French pilot. In any case, here we leave you other examples of this type of special series from the Korean firm:

HJC FQ20 Le Mans Replica: Bold design with vibrant colors

The new graph FQ20 Le Mans Replica pays tribute to the French MotoGP world champion, on the occasion of the GP held at his home, Le Mans. The helmet features a blue base covering the entire surface, with red details on the back showing Fabio's number, and a touch of pink to enhance the graphics.

Fabio's signature logo, “El Diablo,” undergoes a fun transformation, featuring a devilish character with his tongue hanging out. Finally, the helmet has miniature El Diablo faces around the helmet, which adds to the unique design of it.

HJC FQ20 Le Mans Replica: A "diabolical tribute" to a MotoGP world champion

This eye-catching graphic will be carried over the current HJC RPHA 1, a racing helmet intended for the most demanding competitions. This has an FIM safety approval and uses a Premium Integrated Matrix Plus (PIM+) shell, composed of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric.

HJC FQ20 Le Mans Replica: Key Features

  • Made of PIM Plus compound.
  • Sizes: 2XS-2XL.
  • Accessories included: Tear-Off, Clear Racing Spoiler, Dark Smoke Visor, Pinlock 120.
  • Emergency kit for a safe and fast rescue.
  • FIM and ECE 22.06 approval.
  • Available this summer.
  • Official price: 999.90 euros.

HJC FQ20 Le Mans Replica: A "diabolical tribute" to a MotoGP world champion

More information and details about the new HJC FQ20 Le Mans Replica on the brand's official website, or at any of the authorized distributors that the brand has throughout our geography.

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