The legendary SDR200 could be back in a new “version 3.0”

The Yamaha SDR200 It is one of those motorcycles that marked an era despite only being in production for two seasons, 1986 and 1987. Basically, because it was presented in the local Japanese market under a formula never seen until then: Sportiness, low weight and a narrow silhouette were his letters of introduction.

To this we must add the fact that it did not have fairings, which is why for many it is considered the first production motorcycle that could be included in the naked category.

In mechanical terms it had a two-stroke single-cylinder engine and 195cc liquid cooled and assisted YPVS and YEIS systems(Yamaha Energy Induction System), responsible for maintaining constant pressure in the range of low to medium revolutions, improving performance and average consumption.

Main features of the 1986 Yamaha SDR200

  • Overall length × width × height: 1,945 mm × 680 mm × 1,005 mm
  • Weight: 105kg
  • Maximum power output: 34 HP at 9,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 27 Nm at 8,000 rpm
  • Price: 379,000 yen at the time (about 2,200 euros at the exchange rate)

The legendary SDR200 could be back in a new "version 3.0"

Now, as published by the famous Japanese publication Young Machine, it seems that Yamaha would be developing a SDR200 of a new generation that would also serve as an initial platform for a later range of models, including a Offroad version. Most likely with the intention of offering them in a good part of the Asian markets, but also with an eye on international markets.

Having said all that, what is not clear is whether this possible range of models, including the SDR200, they would become a complement to Yamaha's current offering or they would be in charge of retiring the brand's current 150. Frames like the YZF-R15 could be converted into YZF-R20?

The legendary SDR200 could be back in a new "version 3.0"

All this would still be confirmed by the brand itself, so we will have to wait for some kind of news. In any case, we already know that when we talk about the big four Japanese, the national media tend to be slightly wrong in their predictions. We will be attentive to new information on the subject.

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