The Chinese company Great Wall is going to launch a mega-cruiser with 8 cylinders and it sounds like this beast

In March 2023 we showed you for the first time the Great Wall Motor Company 8 cylinders, the new mega-cruiser they are preparing in China. Already then, the secrecy surrounding the project was made evident through a couple of glancing images of what seemed to be the initial concept the brand was working on at that time.

More than a year later we still do not know the essential technical data of the model, but thanks to the colleagues at Motorrad Online we now, at least, know what the wonderful 8-cylinder boxer engine that pulses inside sounds like. Furthermore, in full acceleration, giving a glimpse of what this unusual mechanic has in store for us if it finally reaches production.

Great Wall prepares its stellar entry into the world of two wheels

For those who do not yet know the intentions of Great Wall, it is clear that the Chinese company seeks to enter the two-wheeled sector through the front door. I would do so with a motorcycle very similar in its general structure to the Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing, at least in regards to the engine and chassis, although the segment in which it would be included may differ.

Although the mechanics used by Great Wall It is very similar to Honda's mega touring, the images that we saw at the time of the initial concept suggest a cruiser-style frame, with aesthetic features that intuitively remind us of another model from the Japanese firm, the iconic NRX Valkyrie 1800 Rune.

On the other hand, and if we stick to what concerns its mechanics, and also take into account the old one, the 8-cylinder engine of Great Wall should be around 2,444 cc, because its configuration is very similar to the six-cylinder used by the Gold Wing. In some way, the Chinese brand would add two extra cylinders to this mechanical structure that originally has internal dimensions of 73 × 73mm.

In any case, and returning to the field of assumptions, it is likely that Great Wall was working on some modifications of this 8 cylinder, so that, once fully developed, its displacement would not exceed 2,000 cc. This translates into a power of the order of 150 HPmore than enough for a frame of this type and style.

Do you remember the Great Wall 8-cylinder mega-cruiser?  We finally know what it sounds like

Now it's time to wait again for new details about this mysterious 8-cylinder model he works on Great Wall. We just hope it doesn't take another full year until new details about its design, engine or final concept are revealed again.

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