The dramatic television series about Jarno Saarinen that you cannot miss

Jarno & Soili Saarinen is the series set in the life and tragic death of the Finnish pilot Jarno Saarinen. This series, made up of six episodes and produced in Finland, will premiere on May 16, coinciding with the tragic fatal accident in the great curve of the mythical Monza transalpine route. Let us remember that, in this unfortunate historical moment that occurred shortly after the start of the 250 cc race, a dramatic collision cost the lives of Saarinen and to Italian Renzo Pasolini.

The good news is that, Soili Karmewho collaborated in the production of the series, has stated: “We are negotiating with several platforms to reach all countries”.

All about the Jarno & Soili Saarinen series

On the day of the accident, Jarno Saarinen He started from pole in the quarter-liter race. And in the 500 cc JarnoHe was literally destroying his yamaha in both categories of the world championship. His story is terribly moving for all two-wheeled fans who lived through that time. In fact, he was a great champion and promised wonders. Of course, we are all looking forward to seeing how this dramatic day in Italy has been reconstructed.

Just a year ago, in Monza, the director told the journalists gathered there some more details about this production. The film begins with Jarno as a child and follows his life, his first races on ice, the meeting with the love of his life, Soiliand then their races on asphalt until they reached Monza.

Jarno and Soili Saarinen

Without a doubt, it is a great production, one of the largest made so far in Finland with this theme. Jarno is interpreted by Tom Rejstrom, Soili by Saana Koivistothe story is Sami Keski-Vahala and is directed by the Swede simon Kauser.

As it could not be otherwise, great collectors of vintage motorcycles participated in the racing scenes with their competition machines. The production was filmed in Finland, Croatia and apparently also in Italy. But we will check it when we can see this series, which, of course, will not be for lack of desire.

Jarno and Soili Saarinen

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