The DGT wants to prohibit electric scooters for children under 16 years of age

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) is working to implement a wide range of measures for the protection of vulnerable users in the new General Traffic Regulations (currently in the public information phase for objections to be submitted). Among them, the prohibition of driving electric scooters for minors under 16 years of age.

This is not the only measure aimed at controlling this type of vehicle since among the proposals are that the helmet be mandatory and, in the event that the scooter is the work vehicle, the reflective vest would also be mandatory.

This proposal has been commented on in the presentation of the new DGT campaign for the summer. It was the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who pointed out that once all the allegations are received, a final decision will be made “as consensual and most adapted to reality and, obviously, always thinking and valuing the main thing, which is security.” road.”

Reduce the blood alcohol level

At this event, the minister was accompanied by the general director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, who spoke about lowering the blood alcohol level for new and professional drivers. The DGT proposal is to go from 0.30 grams per liter of blood alcohol to 0.20 or from 0.15 milligrams per liter of inhaled air to 0.10 for these two types of drivers.

This is something that is included in the current draft and is based on a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO). “We are above this recommendation and from a scientific point of view it is indisputable.” Pere Navarro stressed that this review of alcohol while driving is a direct order of the minister as it is a “basic element of accidents”. Of course, he also pointed out that the zero alcohol rate is not contemplated… although a reflection could be opened on it.

The intention, according to the EFE agency, is to approve the reform during this legislature.

Via: EFE Agency

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