Ducati DesertX 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

After being launched in 2022, the Ducati DesertX 2024 It has not received any changes, but it does receive a new member of the family, called Rally and designed for much more radical use in off-road driving.

In both cases we find the twin cylinder engine Testastretta of the eleventh generation and who has lost 1.7 kilos for the occasion. Furthermore, the engine’s power runs wild, as it reaches the 110 hp at 9,250 rpmwith a displacement of 937 cc. Of course, it will come with Limiting kit for him A2 license. He chassisby the way, is brand new and designed by and for the new Ducati DesertX.

His appearance It reminds us greatly of the legendary Cagiva Elefantbut adapted to the new Times. His two circular headlights With four LED strips surrounding them they promise to be your greatest identity sign, but not the only one. Along with this we get a single fairingfrom which those appear naked front forks that reinforce their adventurous spirit. The front wheel of 21 inchesin addition to some suspensions and technology to match, do the rest.

Ducati DesertX 2024 Rivals

The Trail every time they are more adventurous and less asphalt, but no less comfortable on long trips. The Ducati DesertX She is the last to arrive at the battle for the disputed throne and she does so with a large dose of technology and superlative finishes. However, its Trail/Off Road rivals are not going to open track so easily: KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, BMW and Yamahaamong others, are the main ones rivals of the Ducati DesertX in 2022:

Ducati DesertX 2024 engine

He engine of the Ducati DesertX 2024 it’s a old acquaintance: he Testastretta 937 cc eleventh generation twin-cylinder engine fitted to other Ducati such as the Multistrada V2. However, on this occasion it reaches 110 HP of power at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Which translates into a Trail/Off Road motorcycle of high performance which, however, from Ducati assure that it has a “regular delivery and always manageable”to pilot the 2022 DesertX in any element with the utmost confidence.

On the other hand, the relations have been changed to optimize the Ducati DesertX in its most Off Road aspect, shortening the gears until the 5th. Meanwhile, the sixth gear is longer for road and highway driving, keeping the engine at low revs.

Ducati DesertX

In any case, to control it as is the Ducati tradition, the DesertX has several electronic aids first order as 6 Riding Modesin addition to 4 Power Modes. Thus, the new Riding Mode Rally allows the most experienced pilots to have the maximum power of the engine and the electronics to a minimum to get the most out of the motorcycle Off Road.

Chassis, suspensions and brakes of the Ducati DesertX 2024

The Ducati DesertX 2024 will not have a chassis adapted from other models, but has been exclusively designed for her, with the aim of achieving the maximum Off Road performance. The new one multi-tubular steel structure It is light and resistant, making the DesertX a motorcycle safe and agile on all types of terrain. In addition, it integrates a double-sided aluminium swingarm. At Ducati they have wanted to adjust the weight of the DesertX 2022 as much as possible, dispensing with superfluous elements, and its total weight It is 223 kg.

Ducati Desert X

On the other hand, the suspensions Of the new Ducati Desert X are carried out by the specialist Kayabawith a 46mm inverted fork in diameter, with a travel of 230 mm, adjustable in compression, extension and preload. At the rear, we will find a monoshock also fully adjustable with a travel of 220 mm. Besides, the ground clearance will be more than generous: 250mm to deal with all types of Off Road situations, although that translates into a seat height considerable of 875mm.

As for the break system of the Ducati DesertX 2024, the 21” front wheel will incorporate two 320 mm brake discswith monobloc radial calipers Brembo M50 four-piston. The rear wheel18 inches, will have a single 265mm disc with double piston floating caliper also from Brembo. It is noteworthy that the ABS will be of type cornering braking (Cornering ABS) for greater safety on the asphalt.

Ducati Desert X

Colors of the Ducati DesertX 2024

He color Of the new Ducati DesertX 2024 yields Tribute to the Cagiva Elefantand that is why only one can be chosen only colora white with graphics which remind us of its famous ‘Lucky Explorer’ finish from the Dakar.

Price of the Ducati DesertX 2024

He price The sale price of the new Ducati DesertX 2024 is 17,490 euroswhich place it in the highest part of the top ‘pure’ Trail on the market.

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

The new Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is born for those who seek the limits in offroad driving. The suspensions of the Ducati DesertX Rally They are designed to face any terrain. In fact, both the fork and the shock absorber are characterized by using the same technologies used in professional dirt and enduro motorcycles. This equips new CNC manufactured seatposts.

The bike offers an additional 20mm of suspension travel, for a total of 250mm at the front and 240mm at the rear. Both the 48mm closed cartridge front fork and the 46mm rear shock are produced in collaboration with KYB.

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Another highlight is an adjustable Öhlins steering damper, fixed directly to the handlebars with machined brackets. In addition, to improve smoothness and wear resistance, the fork legs feature Kashima Coating and the stanchions a DLC surface treatment. Wheel travel is increased by 20 mm, reaching a total of 250 mm.

It has up to six driving modes: Sport, Touring, Urban, Wet, Enduro, Rally. The electronic functions of the Ducati DesertX Rally are managed via the high-resolution 5″ colour TFT display, oriented vertically and positioned to offer optimal visibility even when riding standing. The Utility Bar for mounting the satellite navigator is fitted as standard.

In this link, we tell you in detail everything that the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 includes.

Colors of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

For Ducati DesertX Rally 2024, the only color available is Iron Giant Livery.

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 Price

The price of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is 22,595. For more information you can consult directly at your nearest dealer or on the official Ducati website.

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Ducati DesertX Discovery 2024

Ducati offers us a new variant of its well-known trail, the innovative DesertX Discovery. A frame that represents the pinnacle within the Italian brand thanks to its equipment “full optional” and that also makes it ready to discover any destination. Components all designed to increase the comfort and protection of the motorcycle and the rider, together with a new and daring aesthetic. Thrilling Black/Ducati Red.

Heated grips and a larger windscreen increase comfort in low temperatures, and the centre stand makes the bike more stable, making it easier to access luggage. Meanwhile, the turn-by-turn navigation system, which can be used via the Ducati Link App, guides the rider to their destination clearly, displaying directions directly on the dashboard.

Ducati DesertX Discovery 2024

The DesertX is a versatile bike, at home on both on- and off-road routes, thanks to a chassis based on a multi-tubular steel frame, with long suspension travel, making it suitable for any adventure. At the same time, the triple homologation of the tyres allows you to choose between different possibilities: from solutions that favour road driving, to others more oriented towards off-road.

Ducati DesertX Discovery 2024 colors

The brand offers us its new variant in a single color scheme: Thrilling Black/Ducati Red.

Ducati DesertX Discovery 2024 Price

Ducati has announced that the new DesertX Discovery 2024 will be on sale starting next July, although it has not yet communicated its initial price.

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