Lewis Hamilton could buy the Gresini MotoGP team

Since the start of the Dutch TT weekend at Assen, Hamilton has been rumored to have shown interest in acquiring Gresini from current team manager Nadia Padovani. These conversations have been confirmed by multiple sources familiar with the team’s operations.

As we have seen in the publication The Race, a member close to Hamilton’s circle was present in Assen last weekend, evaluating with Gresini the commercial viability of the acquisition at a key moment in the history of MotoGP. MotoGP is currently in the process of being acquired by Liberty Media, the owner of Formula 1, which could facilitate Hamilton’s significant involvement in this new two-wheeled project.

This potential purchase would allow Liberty Media to tap into Formula 1’s huge fan base to attract fans to MotoGP, provided the acquisition is approved by competition regulators. In addition, Hamilton would be able to secure a significant financial asset with little personal risk, given that several of his current sponsors, such as Petronas and Monster Energy, are already involved in MotoGP and could support this new venture.

It wouldn’t be the first time Hamilton has delved into sports team ownership. He owned the X44 team in the Extreme E electric racing series and is part of the ownership group of the Denver Broncos football team, along with Condoleezza Rice and Rob Walton.

Hamilton’s passion for motorcycles

Lewis Hamilton could buy the Gresini MotoGP team

Hamilton is not only known for his success in Formula 1, but also for his passion for motorcycles. He owns a personal collection of bikes and is an avid trackday racer. He previously had a partnership with MV Agusta, with whom he produced limited edition bikes that he helped design.

In 2019, Hamilton got the chance to ride a MotoGP when he swapped his Formula 1 car with Valentino Rossi, allowing them both to experience each other’s machines in Valencia.

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