The Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen debuts in China

The Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen arrives in China and, as always, does so in style, with a colorful and fun event that attracted more than 200 journalists, personalities and passionate Ducatistas to the Wharf Space, in the center of Shanghai.

The evening in Shanghai began with an introductory speech by Francesco Milicia (VP Global Sales & After Sales Ducati), followed by a presentation by Rocco Canosa (Head of Scrambler Ducati), who explained to attendees the evolution of the Ducati Scrambler.

The Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen continues visiting new global locations

The new generation offers three versions —Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift— each with a different style, but united by characteristic elements such as a lower weight of up to 4 kg compared to the previous generation, a relaxed style, the driving position and driving pleasure, which can be expressed both in urban and outside her.

The new tank is the element that best expresses the concept of customization that has always distinguished the Scrambler Ducati universe. The colored part of the Icon model is a cover that can be easily replaced to suit all tastes. The Ducati Scrambler offers nine colors: ’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black, Ducati Red, Storm Green, Celeste River, Mandarin Orange, Jade Green, Sparkling Blue and Velvet Red.

This method of customization also lends itself naturally to personal creative interventions and, following experiments by Van Orton Design and the Japanese art collective Goo Choki Pair, This event in China also featured a special cover kit, created by contemporary artist Peng Bo.

Peng Bo’s conceptual vision fuses cartoon imagery with pop culture and traditional Chinese art, blending classical and modern, eastern and western elements into a uniquely personal perspective.

The Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen debuts in China

The Desmodue engine mounted on the Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen It has been modernized in its content, is approximately 2.5 kg lighter than the previous generation and is now equipped with a new eight-disc clutch with a smoother pull.

The clutch is also more compact, which has made it possible to reduce the lateral volume of its cover, thus offering more space for the rider’s foot. The new Ducati Scrambler has throttle management Ride by Wire and ABS when cornering, essential to make driving even safer.

The Ducati Scrambler Next-Gen debuts in China

The Shanghai event represents another stage in the world tour that Next-Gen Freedom is carrying out, after the European Next-Gen Tour. Subsequently, they visited different corners of the world: from Mexico to Thailand, passing through India and Australia, many enthusiasts were able to experience first-hand the innovations proposed by this new generation Ducati Scrambler.

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