200 HP on a Quad from a Ninja H2 or S1000RR. These are the beasts that Exeet Quads manufactures

The world of quads may not be the most attractive for motor fans… Until they learn about the conversions carried out by the Germans of Exeet Quads. Because, can you combine the features of a latest-generation superbike with the versatility offered by a quad?

The answer is yes, and if you believe me, take a look at the portfolio of models that this German brand offers us. Basically they make you a custom quad, using a powerful superbike as a base. Maybe your model Blackbull H2be the most reliable empirical proof of the work they do and what the final result may be.

Exeet offers us the possibility of manufacturing a custom quad

To do this, they take a copy of the Kawasaki Z H2 and integrate a completely new suspension system, replacing the one fitted to the original motorcycle with another adapted to the technical conditions offered by a quad.

This includes front shock absorbers RockShox or a rear swingarm equipped with a new axle, as well as a 4-wheel ventilated braking system. The original mechanics of Akashi’s beast are maintained, of course. The tetracylindrical 998cc still offering 200 HP at 11,000 rpm and 137 Nm at 8,500 rpm.

Furthermore, according to Exeet Quadsits preparations are totally legal to be used on public roads, since they are approved under the LOF criteria, the current German regulations that regulate Quads and ATVs in the country.

He Exeet Blackbull H2 It is one of the conversions that the brand offers us. In their catalog they also have the option of doing the same with a BMW S1000RR and the BMW F900R. They also provide us with countless options with which to equip and characterize our specimen.

ATVs will never seem the same again when you meet one of the Exeet Quads models.

Each one of these Exeet It has an identification plate, since none of them is the same as another built. The brand provides us with a wide catalog of color schemes, upholstery or graphics with which to decorate our unit.

An almost unique transformation on the planet, not suitable for purists. We would not know how to determine whether we are dealing with genius or sacrilege. It is obvious that the work behind each of the Exeet quads is truly commendable. If at this point you are thinking about converting your frame, here is the manufacturer’s official website.

ATVs will never seem the same again when you meet one of the Exeet Quads models.

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