The Panda Raid 2024 shone especially thanks to the participation of Reynasa

He Panda Raid 2024, an exciting rally that covers more than 4,000 km through the deserts and impressive landscapes of Morocco, is not only a test of endurance, but also an opportunity to contribute to a noble cause. As our two protagonists know, Reynasa and the Mr. Merino.

Juan Merinowith the support of Reynasa, embarked on this journey with the aim of delivering school supplies to the most disadvantaged areas of the Sahara. Besides, Reynasa participate in the Panda Raid 2024 providing various essential materials such as filters, oil and other supplies, guaranteeing optimal performance for Juan’s vehicle throughout the rally.

«We are excited to be part of this supportive and adventurous initiative.«comments the head of motorcycles Reynasa. Panda Raid 2024 not only represents a challenge for participants, but also an opportunity to make a positive difference in less privileged communities. In the words of Antonio LopezWe are proud to support Juan Merino in this cause and we wish the entire team to have a successful and enriching experience.«.

By the way, the Panda Raid It is also defined as: “Amateur long-distance and endurance rally held annually in March, where more than 300 teams decide to defy the supreme law of common sense and embark on an old school adventure aboard an old Panda (or also Marbella)”.

Reynasa Panda Raid

And continues: “It takes place in Morocco through a route of 7 stages, which in some cases test the physical and mental capabilities of the teams, supreme values ​​of a mechanical effort and of comrades that aims to leave behind, at least for a few days, the bustle of civilization and dependence on technology. The important thing is not time or speed; Overcoming Panda Raid means, above all, reaching the goal”.

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