The medical therapy you have dreamed of

Imagine walking through the hospital corridors amidst the usual bustle and the characteristic roar of the engines. This vision has inspired some transalpines to adopt the Mototherapy as a complementary approach in medical care, highlighting its impact on the emotional and physical well-being of patients, especially among the youngest.

It is clearly a complementary therapy that improves the psychophysical state of the patient and their family.

Mototherapy as a treatment

Well yes, here in Europe, Italy has taken a significant step by passing a law that officially recognizes the Mototherapy as complementary treatment in hospitals. Its aim is to provide a unique experience to children and young people with serious illnesses or disabilities, allowing them to temporarily escape the limitations imposed by their condition.

Let us remember that here, in Spain, the pilots of Lleidesin association with the Aspros Foundation, they have been with this therapy for a while. The Mototherapy uses the motorcycle as a therapeutic tool, offering rides to patients in and out of hospitals to provide them with moments of joy, distraction and release from the stress associated with hospitalization and medical treatment.


The most prominent promoter of the Mototherapy is Vanni Odderaa freestyle motocross champion who has taken his passion beyond the circuits, spreading joy and hope through his project, visiting hospitals and offering free shows and motorcycle rides to people of all ages facing health challenges .

The benefits of Mototherapy They go beyond fun, with scientific studies that demonstrate their impact on pain perception, caregivers’ stress level, and quality of life. For example, research carried out at the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin has shown a reduction in the perception of pain and an improvement in the mood of patients after participating in sessions of this technique.


This therapy not only benefits the individual, but also creates a positive impact on the community, promoting awareness of this unique form of therapy and encouraging initiatives aimed at the most vulnerable.

The Mototherapy It is considered an expression of compassion, hope and solidarity, providing patients with a path to healing and joy in difficult times. With the approval of laws like the one implemented in Italy, it is expected that other countries will follow its example and that its benefits will spread throughout the world. Welcome this effective impulse to the Mototherapyof course.


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