The first motorcycle powered by CNG could arrive this year

Well yes, this time the surprise comes to us from India. An interesting test mule powered by CNG and based on the popular Bajaj Platina. The Indians, with this mount, want to fight hand in hand with the popular local 100 and 110 cc motorcycles. By the way, it is very likely that it will be presented this summer.

At first glance, the bike in the spy images appears to be a commuter motorcycle, with a long, flat seat, simple stands, and a chain drive. Yes, the reservoir area appears surprisingly small, raising questions about how Bajaj will be able to incorporate the CNG tank in such a compact motorcycle.

The prototype of the Bajaj CNG in detail

Although the exact cylinder capacity of the Bajaj CNG remains a mystery, it is likely to be around 110, 125 cc as the manufacturer targets rural and semi-urban areas. We also do not know if the engine will operate exclusively with CNG or if it will offer the possibility of using conventional gasoline.

By the way, and contrary to what we might think, engines that run on CNG tend to have a significantly lower maximum power than those that use gasoline, as seen in four-wheeled vehicles. More commonly in these parts, taxis.

Bajaj CNG

Although the name of the Bajaj GNC, has an extensive reserve of registered names, among them, Marathon and Glider. As we told you before, although the launch date of this exclusive CNG-powered Bajaj bike is yet to be confirmed.

But considering the company’s plans to present new models almost every month this year, it is quite possible that, given time, it will hit the market this summer. By the way, there isn’t that much left.

Bajaj CNG

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