The giant Ola Electric registers several designs for its future plug-in naked range

Last summer of 2023, Wave Electric presented us with 4 new electric models that, a priori, would debut this season. Now, the patent registration of several designs around a possible naked pluggableit seems that they mark a new direction within the Indian brand.

In any case we would be faced with different variants of naked pluggable, although all of them focused on multipurpose use. The technical characteristics they present tell us about various levels of equipment and finishes, although in essence they offer the same philosophy in terms of concept.

Three different plug-in naked models

The images that we have seen thanks to the colleagues at Autocar India give us a vision of where Ola's efforts will go, strategically and commercially, in the coming years. In them we can see how the brand would be working on the same concept of naked plug-in, but offering different technical and equipment possibilities.

To begin with, we have a version that stands out for its simpler design lines and in which the electric drive, of the hub type, would be anchored in its rear wheel. This entry-level variant also has separate side shock absorbers, and a less elaborate swingarm, which reflects the idea of ​​seeking something more simplicity and offering a more economical version.

Ola Electric registers several designs for its future plug-in naked range

On the other hand, we can see how Ola could also have more sporty versions, where we already have a central rear shock absorber, a reinforced swing arm or a seat with the most marked levels, especially in one of them. It also seems that in both cases they would have a similar propulsion system.

Perhaps the most significant changes would be focused on ergonomic terms, where it is clearly seen that the driving position varies significantly. Likewise, variations can be seen in the front lighting equipment and in the aforementioned seat, but also in the lower area of ​​the fairing.

Ola Electric registers several designs for its future plug-in naked range

In the latter, the most sporty cut, you can distinguish a side cover that seems to simulate a conventional engine casing. It is an aspect about which we still do not have more details, so we will be attentive to new information about the new plug-in naked designs that Ola Electric could officially present in the coming months.

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