Electric mobility in the city can be simpler and more effective, and this scooter demonstrates it with solutions

The Suzuki e-Choinori is not going to be the most beautiful motorcycle you see, and it is not going to be the most technological either. However, this new machine from the Japanese, which we saw as a concept a few months ago, can be a breath of fresh air for electric mobility in the city, precisely because of its simplicity.

And as we can see in the different patents, it is designed to be used based on the final effectiveness of the product. Although it can only be focused as a motorcycle for what is known as “last mile delivery”, the one that takes the product to the hands of the consumer in its last stretch, the truth is that the potential of a motorcycle like this is much greater.

But regardless of the final use that is given to this vehicle, what is striking is the ease of replacing the batteries. We have already seen other models with an urban profile like the e-Choinori, but most of them have a big deficiency: if the batteries are removable, they are not accessible and comfortable enough. In fact, even those who carry them under the seats are not very comfortable because you have to have enough strength to be able to lift it. Silence could be an exception.

And the batteries are not particularly light at the moment, and handling them is not easy. To do this, the new Suzuki electric scooter chooses to simply place it just in front of the platform. This way it can be changed quickly for fleets, but it can also be removed in a simple way for the user.

The simplicity of the Suzuki e-Choinori covers all areas of electric mobility

In the patents it is seen that the fixing system is using pivots, which leave the battery in place before securing it with the key to avoid theft or unnecessary scares. And we must recognize that the negative part of them being so visible and so accessible is, precisely, that they are visible and accessible to everyone.

But there is more. Seeking extreme simplicity, Suzuki opts for having the motor just below the batteries and bringing the power from the motor to the wheel using a chain. This also simplifies the entire system.

The power from the engine passes to the wheel through a chain

In terms of performance, not much is known although it is expected to be comparable to any moped, so we would be talking about a scooter 100% for the city and for individual use, since there does not seem to be a space for the companion.

In any case we are dealing with patents, so when the time comes there could even be different versions.

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