Oberdan Bezzi once again delights us with the new Honda XLR 750 R and its Baja version

Oberdan Bezzi's iconic creations, in the form of a virtual render, are admired by two-wheeled fans throughout the planet. That is why when we have met these Honda XLR 750 R, and its Baja version, we already knew that lovers of Offroad mounts were going to love them.

Two frames where the creator himself alludes that: “For those who were waiting for a spicier and tougher version of Honda's twin-cylinder 750 off-roader, here is the XLR 750 R. Definitely more professional than its crossover sister. Obviously, it has greater power, racing components and almost precious elements such as the tanks, both the main and the sides, made of aluminum.”

Bezzi's new XLR 750 R are pure Offroad poetry

Oberdan leaves no stone unturned when his mind gives free rein to his ideas, and in these XLR 750 R It is completely evident just by taking a look at the most notable elements that make them up. All of them intended to emphasize the Offroad capabilities of both versions.

Whether crossing the desert at full speed or exploring the most remote corner of the world, the XLR 750 R from Bezzi would not disappoint anyone. Starting with the main version equipped, among others, with a double fuel tank, with one of them installed on the rear sides.

Oberdan Bezzi once again delights us with the new Honda XLR 750 R and its Baja version

As we can see, the filler cap is positioned on the last piece that makes up the lines of its stylized rear part. A system of Akrapovič exhaustbraking signed by Brembo or the propeller painted red are hallmarks of this XLR 750 R. Likewise, the chassis would be painted in silver, the same tone used in the bars that equip its inverted fork.

To top off this sweet preparation is the color scheme that presides over the whole, where the legendary Honda colors are used, reminding us de facto of the decorations worn by the Africa Twin of the late 80s and early 90s.

But if you don't fall in love with the XLR 750 R completely, Bezzi has also thought about those nostalgic lovers of Baja-type preparations. In its special variant it includes a hump-style fuel tank, upper side exhaust outlet, high fenders on both axles and side number plates.

Oberdan Bezzi once again delights us with the new Honda XLR 750 R and its Baja version

The color configuration on the engine, chassis or suspensions remains unchanged compared to the standard XLR 750 R. Not so its special livery, which includes a dark gray in charge of covering the shapes of the fuel tank. At this point, one wonders, which one are you?

The problem in this case is not choosing, it is rather that Honda made these two versions of XLR 750 R that for more than one, and two, they have surely become a dream just by seeing them in rendered form.

Thanks, once again, to Bezzi for these incredible virtual preparations.

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