What type of car should you not buy?

In our new car buying guides we analyze all the offer available on the market by type of vehicles. We try to help the buyer by showing all the models that meet a series of similar characteristics, since it is common for many buyers to miss out on an interesting model that better meets their expectations and needs than the most common cars that we see on the street.

But what happens when the first step is not done correctly? This is when you end up choosing a body that, in the long run, turns out to be not the most convenient. Rarely will someone admit that the car they bought was not the most suitable, but it happens.

There is no doubt that cars have an intrinsic irrational and aspirational component. God forbid us from trying to destroy the illusions of the staff. We are only trying to make a appeal to logic so that people choose their new vehicle using, in addition to their heart, their common sense. That is why we have compiled the strengths of each of the most popular types of cars, as well as the most common mistakes when choosing them. Are these:



These are, without a doubt, the best cars for get around town, by consumption, its ease of parking. They are cheap and, due to their mechanical simplicity, they have a very low cost of use. All this makes them the second car par excellence. However, you should not choose them:

  • If you plan to do long trips frequently… or even occasionally.
  • If adults often go rear seats.
  • If you are looking for interiors and Luxury finishes.
  • IF you value the technology efficient mechanics and automatic transmissions.

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They now dare to travel on the road, but they are still cars with a clear citizen approach, although they can travel more kilometers per day than micro-urban vehicles without passengers suffering too much. However, there are very common errors:

  • Use the rear seats with three people often.
  • Are you looking for a highly equipped version… which will raise its price so much that it would be better to have chosen a larger car.
  • Choose it from three doors only because of the price (their depreciation is greater, since second-hand ones are much more in demand in the market.

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We always define them as the most balanced. They are the best-selling type of car for this reason and there is a great offer on the market (both model and versions). They are perfect if you often drive around the city and can't afford another vehicle. But mistakes can be made:

  • When they have two children (or are thinking about having them soon), your trunk may be short.
  • Sometimes it is bought in the basic versionand when completed with options it is more expensive than a superior finish.
  • Like utility vehicles, three-door cars depreciate more.

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It is the type of road vehicle by excellence. When most of the kilometers are done on highways or expressways, with four adults, they are the best option. They tend to be the great references of the brands in the technological section. But they are not the perfect car if:

  • You intend to travel a lot with five people (the central square is not usually as comfortable and wide as the side ones).
  • Do you want to use the trunk box to put very bulky objects.
  • Are you looking for a versatile interior.
  • You plan to circulate a lot in city (They are not as agile as others and their rear visibility is reduced.

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The family alternative par excellence with five real seats (or more), a very practical and modular interior (with spaces that can fulfill various functions). Its greater height makes it easier for children and older people to climb, in addition to having a better view of the road by going higher and having a lot of glass surface. But people are wrong if they pretend:

  • Have a light car with a great dynamic behavior.
  • Maintain very low consumption (your worse aerodynamics and greater weight penalizes them).
  • Obtain at the same time (with exceptions) many places and a very capable trunk.

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Nissan Qashqai 2014 test 18They are undoubtedly the fashion segment. They have the appearance of an all-terrain vehicle but not its qualities, as we explain in depth in our tips for buying an SUV (although they can travel on simple dirt tracks without problems, especially the 4×4 versions). Its rise is due to its dominant driving position and its image as a top-of-the-range vehicle. Also to an ever-increasing range of vehicles in all brands, of all sizes. But they will give you problems if you think that:

  • They are a good option for driving around the city (don't be fooled by advertising.
  • They will consume less than a conventional car (be careful with gasoline versions)
  • Its maintenance is similar to that of other cars (tire changes are much more expensive.
  • Being large, they are as practical, in terms of habitability and trunk space, as a sedan or minivan.

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off-road vehicles


They are the kings of the countryside, which is why they are the most sought after by people who work in rural areas and are looking for a robust vehicle. However:

  • His Greater weight It makes them consume much more.
  • They are not intended for travel comfortably on the highway. Their height and suspension scheme penalize them a lot.
  • His maintenance It is higher, since the differentials, reduction gears, descent controls… and the use to which they are subjected require more care than other types of cars.
  • Have now few options of real SUVs on the market.



They are the best for those who want a sporty and differentiated aesthetic. Also for those who put performance and dynamic behavior ahead of other characteristics (they tend to be very stable, with a low center of gravity, and have better than average suspensions and brakes. However, you will make a mistake if you buy them:

  • If you usually travel accompanied, your passengers will suffer. They are not as comfortable as most cars.
  • Their insurance is, as a general rule, more expensive than alternatives from other segments of the same power.
  • His consumption It is above average, since the set-up is more sporty.
  • Circular in town With them it's not fun at all. Their turning radius is smaller, the steering is usually harder and speed bumps threaten them at all times.

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These are very aesthetically striking cars, which also provide a unique driving sensation, since you can enjoy the sound of the engine better than in other cars, while feeling the wind on your face. But they are not your cars if:

  • You don't like being watched.
  • You live in places with extreme climates (very cold in winter and very hot in summer.
  • You intend to take long trips… with large suitcases.
  • You have to leave the car on the street. In addition to vandalism, this will make the hood and interior plastics suffer much more, which already suffer a lot.

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