The latest Kawasaki ambassador in France is not what you imagine, he is a rapper

S.Pri Noir has marked a milestone by being named the first official rapper brand ambassador Kawasaki in France. He breaks molds in the music and two-wheeled scene, by joining this renowned Japanese brand and, in addition, collaborating jointly on the launch of the latest, and third album of Not to go«The Cour des Miracles«.

This collaboration, announced on their respective social networks, promises to shake up the world of music and motorcycles in our neighboring country.

Historically, in France, motorcycle companies have collaborated with figures from different sporting fields. Like, for example, the award-winning rally driver, Sebastien Loebor the pole vaulter, Renaud Lavillenie. Also even extending its reach to sponsorships in the world of video games and celebrities passionate about motorcycles, as is the case of the actor Ewan McGregor.

Years ago, typical ambassadors were former drivers or celebrities who shared an emotional passion for the epic world of two wheels. However, the urban environment has shown a growing interest in this sector, evidenced by the love expressed by Jul towards the helmets, another prestigious rapper and singer from Marseille, or the collaboration of Booba with the Yamaha YZF-R1 Unkutanother rapper.

S.Pri Noir and Kawasaki

S.Pri Noir as ambassador and Kawasaki, together

But, as we are telling you, on this occasion Kawasaki has decided to collaborate with S.Pri Noirwho recently used a Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX of the brand to promote their album “La Cour des Miracles”, which includes a song titled “Kawasaki» and produced together with Laylow.

After lending the artist of Senegalese origin a Ninja 1000SX for the release of their new album “The Cour des Miracles”, Kawasaki takes a new step by sealing a collaboration with S.Pri Noirwho officially becomes a new member of the K team and the first French rapper ambassador of a motorcycle brand.

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